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Entrepreneurship Evolved
Propelling the next big business ideas through interdisciplinary learning

The Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation evolves engineering beyond the application of the sciences to the creation of businesses that capitalize on innovations. We bring together faculty from an array of disciplines to develop a unique interdisciplinary curriculum in which students experience the entire entrepreneurial life cycle—from ideation to prototyping and business plan development.

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Farley at a Glance

Farley at Northwestern

The Farley Center is one key player in a dynamic ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation activities at Northwestern.

Our flagship interdisciplinary courses

  • NUvention: Web + Media is an experiential learning program designed to expose students to the entire product and business development life cycle for a software company.
  • NUvention: Medical is a two-quarter interdisciplinary course designed to create opportunities for students to create new medical technologies and then build businesses around their innovations.
  • NUvention: Arts helps students understand that success in the arts is a function of passion, work ethic, talent, and entrepreneurial drive.

The NUvention course program forms the cornerstone of the center's goals. NUvention is a visionary academic partnership created to expand upon Northwestern University's excellence in interdisciplinary study and to foster a sense of collaboration throughout Northwestern's various schools. The program exposes students to the entire innovation and entrepreneurial life cycle and to help them understand how innovations can become a viable business in the real world.

Mentors and liaisons

Each NUvention course has an advisory board with members who serve as liaisons to their industries. Our board members are commited to guiding our curriculum and mentoring our students.

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