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NUvention: Therapeutics

NUvention: Therapeutics is a pilot class that will focus on how to leverage Lean Startup Principles in the therapeutics industry. Historically, building a company in this space has been viewed as a 10+ year effort requiring 8 or 9 figures in capital. These companies must manage high technical and market risks, deal with complex intellectual property, and navigate the culturally diverse worlds of science and business.

In 2015, Naurex Pharmaceuticals a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company based on Northwestern research, was sold to Allergen for $560 million cash and other performance compensation that may bring the total price to a much higher value. Naurex is the primary case study for NUvention: Therapeutics. Naurex’s founder/chief science officer and biomedical engineering professor, Joseph Moskal, is chairing the faculty team for the class. We will also look at other successful and failed companies/products in the therapeutics space that were pursued by startups and large pharmas/biotechs

Learnings will focus on the following areas:

Project ideas would come from the Northwestern Innovation and New Ventures Office (INVO) portfolio and from students/faculty that submit invention disclosures to INVO. The primary focus of this class involves how to develop and recognize a high potential compound and then pivot the from the lab to a private enterprise.

Learning methodology will involve a combination of case studies, lectures, guest speakers, and project work;

NUvention: Therapeutics will be open to all Northwestern students and schools from undergrads to graduate students and postdocs. Class would be structured as a survey class where some students may look to form teams to assess feasibility of a therapeutics in certain areas others would purely audit the class discussions.

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