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NUvention: Transportation

NUvention: Transportation is an interdisciplinary, experiential course created in collaboration with the Transportation Center, designed to teach students about creating businesses in the transportation space. NUvention: Transportation will look at the evolutionary and revolutionary changes that are recreating the face of transportation, and will provide opportunities for student teams to build business models in this field under the guidance of industry veterans. This class is designed to expose students to all aspects of the business development process from the idea to the creation, financing and running of a start-up business. Finally, this is a project-based class in which students will receive mentorship and expert advice from Advisory Board members in order to ensure a proper product-market alignment.

Quarter Time Location
Fall 2017 TBD TBD


View and download the current syllabus for NUvention: Transportation, which is instructed by Mark Werwath. This course is offered in the fall.

Past Projects

Explore past projects seeded in NUvention: Transportation.


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Advisory Board

See the advisory board for NUvention: Transportation

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