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Certificate Recipients

Claire McCloskey Manufacturing and Design Engineering

What sparked your interest in entrepreneurship?

I have been interested in human centered product and service design for a long time. It is essential that innovative ideas are coupled with components intrinsic to entrepreneurship in order to be successful. The ability to self start, learn from failure, take risks, listen to users, and adapt to challenges consistently allows for implementation of successful product design.

What was your favorite entrepreneurship course?

NUvention: Web and Media. Overcoming obstacles is integral to the role of an entrepreneur, therefore I appreciated NUvention's two quarter time allotment to deal with unexpected set backs, to flush out details, and to facilitate the learning of behavioral methods to maintain team motivation throughout the above mentioned trials. The pace of the course was quick and mimicked a genuine start up environment, and the teachers were knowledgable and taught from their own experience.

What advice do you have for future certificate pursuers?

If possible, enter the certificate program with one startup idea that you are passionate about. Utilize the many resources and professors available to you in order to iterate and improve upon your idea. In my experience, the students who continued one startup idea throughout their entrepreneurship courses demonstrated a more complete business model, possessed a better understanding of their market space, and enjoyed a more extensive user base.

What are your next steps after graduation or what are you currently doing now? 

I will be starting Northwestern's Engineering Design and Innovation master's degree program in the Fall of 2015.

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