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Student and Alumni Stories

Priya Kumar


Priya Kumar ‘16 was fascinated by entrepreneurship and innovation early on in her Northwestern career. In the very first week of her freshman year, she joined Northwestern Student Holdings (NSH), a student-run holdings company that was housed under the Farley Center. In her senior year, she became the CEO and is now still a board member for the group. Later, NSH became one of the first groups to participate in the Garage’s residence programs, when Priya would spend 30-40 hours working on managing the organization.

“We had to manage a board of directors with 15 board members, over 200 student employees at its peak, 40 management teams and about half a million of dollars in annual revenue,” said Priya, “so it was a really transformative opportunity to see what it really means to run a business, work with people, to understand leadership at a really early age.”

Other than her involvement with NSH, Priya also took other Farley courses like Principles of Entrepreneurship and Storytelling for Business. She is a strong believer in the best college experiences being formed at the intersection of in-classroom learning and real-world practical learning.

Now, Priya is a storyteller at AMASS in Los Angeles and joined inHouse, a Series A funded start-up in the luxury hospitality industry, earlier this year. With her background of having held 3 consulting internships and being a former Senior Associate at Bain & Company, Priya has launched her own digital coaching start-up for Consulting Interview prep called Ignite Lab.

“What I realized after leaving Northwestern and working in Bain was that I felt like there was a serious gap in the market in terms of available consulting resources to actually set you up for success,” said Priya, “so I decided to use my platform to launch Ignite Labs.”

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