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Class of 2020 Graduates

Christian Surtz

Christian Surtz is graduating with a BSJ from Medill and a minor in entrepreneurship. 


"I best remember my time in the Entrepreneurship Program as a series of brief, seemingly inconsequential moments that over time proved to have great importance.

For me the program was ultimately less about course content or particular topics, but rather the questions it led me to ask. Challenges from instructors like Verinder Syal, Neal Sales-Griffin, and Heather Aranyi prompted me to question my assumptions, better understand myself, and look forward with a clearer vision.

In the end it let me to do something I certainly didn’t think possible four years ago - I’m pursuing my company full-time, immediately after graduation, in the middle of a pandemic. I recently moved SurtzMedia into a new studio and am expanding my team. Grateful for my experiences with the Farley Center & looking forward to whatever it may lead to in the future."

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