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Class of 2020 Graduates


Komal is graduating with a M.S. in information technology and a minor in entrepreneurship.


"I am an aspiring Product Manager. Knowing how a good PM is kind of a jack-of-all-trades, I took a diverse set of ENTREP courses. My most memorable one is from the Entrepreneurial Selling class which I took in Spring 2019. We were assigned to trade a Kellogg branded pencil with the goal of trading it 5-6 times for a higher value product. It was all about finding the right target at the right time. However, as much it seemed easy in theory, it was way too gut-churning for me. After 2 weeks of planning and scripting, I did my first sales at a library. I felt ecstatic! Yet, I did not get enough confidence to do my next trade and I wondered why. Defying all the negative forces within me, I reached out to my next target and I failed. To my utter surprise, I was no longer afraid of being rejected and failing. I reached out to many more targets and faced a few more rejections. I might not have learnt the skill of selling with this exercise but I learnt a very important lesson in life. 'Once you fail, you stop being afraid of failing and now you feel freer to succeed.'"


The photo is from the Entrepreneurial Selling class. In each class, students would travel to different parts of the world, learn about specific selling skills for that region as well as relish native drinks from those regions.

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