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Class of 2020 Graduates

Ibraheem Alinur

Ibraheem Alinur is graduating with a B.A. in industrial engineering, an entrepreneurship minor and a segal design certificate. 


Ibraheem's favorite memory was "Pursuing my passion as a magician and understanding how to monetize a skill and arts-based passion in Prof Aranyi and Prof Theirs 'Growing and Monetizing a Fanbase' class. Through the class, I performed alongside world-renowned magicians at Stage 773 located in Chicago."


"The core of entrepreneurship is understanding people and solving problems. I view being an entrepreneur as the same thing as being a community leader. The experiences of working in teams and talking to customers really taught me that business is at its core a human to human interaction. Entrepreneurship is the way in which I think I can change the world."

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