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News for Success, August 5, 2013

Get news, tools and advice to help you start off or stay on the right track for your business idea.

Photo by AGmakonts

The 5 Riskiest and 5 Safest Business Startup Ideas

IBISWorld, the world's largest publisher of industry research, reveals the 5 riskiest business ideas in today's economy, courtesy of Plus, find out which businesses are most likely to succeed.

What Are Some of the Investment Habits of Angel Investors?

Check out's infographic about the angel investing landscape and trends.

Startup Must-Reads -- Monday, August 5

The Wall Street Journal's small business team pulled together a roundup of "what you should read today about startups."

Meet the 20 Fastest-Growing Mobile Startups

Imgur image sharing service, Spotify for music streaming, Kik mobile messaging, and other mobile applications top the list of fast-growing mobile startups. 

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