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AMPY's Having Stellar Success

AMPY allows you to charge your smartphone using energy you create from activities you do every day.

Purple Pride is running wild in the lead-up to Northwestern’s Homecoming, and one group of alumni is making Farley particularly proud after a standout week of fundraising. Founded in the 2013 NUvention: Energy course, AMPY, formerly known as myPower, is celebrating stellar Kickstarter success. Launched on October 9 – a mere week ago – the campaign raised more than $30,000 within 12 hours of going live. Now a week into the campaign, AMPY has surpassed its $100,000 goal by nearly $60,000. And that’s with a month still to go.

AMPY’s surge out of the gate has garnered quite a bit of buzz from across the industry and all over the world. Below is a sampling of the articles that are popping up:

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Ampy Is A Wearable Spare Battery That Charges As You Move

Update 10/30: With 10 days to go in its Kickstarter campaign, AMPY has raised $245,958 from 1,895 backers.

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