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EPIC Live Tweets from NCIIA

Student leaders from EPIC and faculty members of the Farley Center attended the annual NCIIA OPEN conference in San Jose, Calif. March 21-22. The conference focused on entrepreneurship in higher education. Farley Center director Michael Marasco and professor Todd Warren were speakers on a panel discussing the application of lean startups in flipped classrooms. Other highlights included EPIC's poster in the NCIIA's poster session, the Open Minds showcase of student entrepreneurs from Universities across America and the terrific conversations we had with passionate educators and students. 

"This conference has been an encouraging and humbling experience for EPIC's incoming student leaders," says EPIC's incumbent student leader Josephine Lee. "Meeting with students and faculty who are equally passionate and innovative on their campuses reaffirms our mission of inspiring and empowering student entrepreneurs. We're excited to get back to campus to continue making and hacking." 

Below are some of the tweeted highlights! 

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