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NUvention: Web Launch 2014

While many of the teams in this year's NUvention: Web course have forged ahead with the core product ideas developed last quarter, some have pivoted their ideas to completely new web applications and business models. Others have narrowed their focus.  

AthenaHire, the online platform for moms with high-end skill sets who want flexible, project-based work, has stuck with its original business idea and is up-and-running with a website that allows both businesses and highly skilled moms to post information about their needs/skillsets and even chat in real-time . The team is close to making its first mom-to-business match.

ShinDG, an app to simplify organization and follow-up for social events, has pivoted to Divit, a mobile app that allows you to painlessly enter expenses the second you get them and automatically split them among your roommates. 

And, Closet, the general interest-based, peer-to-peer exchange community, has now focused on outdoor enthusiasts as Outrovert, an online marketplace to buy or sell used outdoor gear/equipment and share adventure stories.

The teams will share final pitches in June.

Check out the 2014 NUvention: Web Final Pitches

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