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NUvention: Analytics 2020

NUvention: Analytics (ENTREP 475) is a unique interdisciplinary course designed to create opportunities for students to create new analytics technologies and then build businesses around their innovations. This one-quarter class is conceived by students within the Engineering, Business, Law, Communications and other schools across campus along with the assistance of an Advisory board and the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The course is built around projects, so an advisory board will keep track of the projects, giving its expert advice in order to ensure a proper product-market alignment.

This unique virtual Spring 2020 quarter produced the following teams:


City Health Tech

COVID-19 has accelerated the need for handwashing hygiene education and monitoring across all industries. City Health Tech designed Opal, a sinkside handwashing assistant and SaaS analytics platform that uses IR to monitor handwashing compliance. Opal is targeting coworking spaces and offices in Chicago and is in discussions with 1871 to pilot Opal at 30+ sinks.



Before every hospital surgery, a central services team must assemble a complete tray of instruments for use in the OR. One hospital might experience 5000 errors in tray composition per year, leading to $2-3 million in lost revenue due to delays and cancellations. Instra.AI is developing a computer vision-based check to ensure that each tray is complete before leaving central services, which will save hospitals money, reduce time spent on repetitive tray-checking processes, and improve patient satisfaction by reducing wait times.


Head and Heart

50% of all lifetime mental illness begins before age 14, and children experiencing stress or depression may lack the vocabulary to communicate their feelings with trusted adults. Head and Heart's wearable technology enables parents and counselors to track, understand, and care for children's stress levels and mental states without the emotional language barrier.



Today, the intermodal shipping industry lacks visibility, leaving many stakeholders in the dark across the supply chain. Trains.AI's Container Tracker is an IOT analytics platform that tracks the location, temperature, and acceleration of shipping containers. The GPS system is highly specialized for intermodal shipping, allowing customers to directly view the locations and statuses of their containers and to easily share that data across shippers, carriers, brokers, railways, co-ops, and more.


Indoor Mapper

Indoor navigation in large, multi-floor buildings such as hospitals can be difficult and frustrating for new visitors and costly for staff; in Emory University Hospital, staff members spend over 4500 hours per year giving directions to visitors. Indoor Mapper's beacon technology helps visitors navigate, displaying their optimal route using an AR mobile interface. A real-time analytics layer for the facilities manager can predict traffic patterns and inform security and event engagement decisions.



Many physical therapy patients feel that the rehab process is too long, and lack of accountability and visible progress can result in a lack of patient motivation. IoTherapy is a physical therapy telemedicine platform that connects patients and physical therapists via rich data, curated off-the-shelf IoT wearables, and motivational progress tracking.

The global flower industry is a $26B market, but up to 25% of flowers are wasted along the supply chain from farmer to end-retailer.'s IoT freshness sensors monitor the environment in which flowers are shipped, including factors such as humidity, ethylene, and temperature, which allows stakeholders to enforce optimal flower delivery environments and reduce waste.

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