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Farley Faculty

Donna Wang SuAdjunct Lecturer and Associate Director of Operations


Donna Wang Su is the Associate Director of Operations/Program Manager for the Farley Center at Northwestern University. Prior to higher education, Donna worked in corporate finance as part of a startup sports agency. She has been at Northwestern University in different capacities since 2006 and while working full-time, she has earned graduate certificates and degree in various fields including Financial Planning, Business Administration, Leadership, Public Policy & Administration, and Higher Education & Administration Policy. Having been in the financial aid industry with a passion to teach financial education to others, her efforts have ranged from teaching her four year old child about his ‘credit score’ which is a ‘reflection of the decisions that you make’ to creating “Money $harp”, a series of financial workshops at the Bienen School of Music. Her entrepreneurial side is focused more on the non-profit industry with various foundations, education and equity efforts. Her interests includes a love for spreadsheets, strategic planning, and BYOB (Build Your Own Budget) especially for freelancers and solo-owned small business.

Classes Taught

Startup Accounting

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