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Farley Faculty

Elizabeth LukehartLecturer and Associate Director of Curriculum


Elizabeth Lukehart is the Associate Director of the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Northwestern University and a lecturer in the McCormick School of Engineering. She has a law degree from the Pritzker School of Law, as well as a master’s in journalism from Medill. She has practiced law in a boutique firm providing legal services for tech startup companies and has held a variety of positions in marketing and communications. Lukehart has worked extensively with clean tech and sustainability-focused startups and also has experience in the nonprofit and social enterprise sector.  

Elizabeth Lukehart is particularly interested in guiding students through the customer discovery process and using lean startup methodology and human-centered design to complement each other. She is also deeply passionate about teaching students the value of storytelling in business. Drawing on her experience in journalism and creative writing, she teaches students how they can use narrative techniques to develop brands, communicate values, and effectively lead organizations.

As an avid supporter of the arts, Lukehart is also leading the initiative within the Farley Center to explore and grow opportunities at the intersection of the arts, entrepreneurship, and technology. 

Classes Taught

Innovate for Impact

Storytelling for Business

Human-Centered Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Demystified

Independent Study

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