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Graduate Minor

Interested in pursuing our Graduate Minor in Entrepreneurship? Email Ryan Brownlow 

The Graduate Minor in Entrepreneurship is open to master's students from McCormick and The Graduate School only. Students pursuing the Graduate Minor must recognize that the completion of the program will involve completing courses in addition to those required for their degree and may extend their degree completion date by at least one quarter. 

The requirements for the Graduate Minor will involve three credits, and at least one credit must be from a NUvention or other experiential course. Students may double count one credit toward both the minor and their program of study.

NUvention Courses

Students may choose to complete one of the following NUvention courses:

ENTREP 495: NUvention: Analytics

ENTREP 495: NUvention: Arts

ENTREP 495 – NUvention: Networked-Body

ENTREP 430/ISEN 430: NUvention Energy

ENTREP 495/BMD_ENG 495: NUvention Medical (Counts as 2 credits)

ENTREP 495/EECS 473: NUvention Web + Media (Counts as 2 credits)

Experiential Courses:

Students may choose to complete one of the following experiential courses:

Additional Farley Center Grad-Level Courses

Graduate-level Farley Center courses are also approved for the minor. These include, but are not limited to:

Students may also apply one credit for the completion of graduate-level coursework related to entrepreneurship in departments outside of the Farley Center. In order to receive this credit, students must submit a syllabus for the proposed course to the Farley Center and obtain approval prior to taking the course in order to count it toward the minor.

Students intending to pursue the minor must declare the minor no later than one quarter prior to their expected graduation date.

All questions regarding the minor should be directed to the Coordinator of Curriculum for the Farley Center, Ryan Brownlow,

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