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NUvention: Arts

Applications for Spring 2019 NUvention: Arts are OPEN. Click here to applyNUvention: Arts (ENTREP 476) targets students from across Northwestern with a passion for the arts. Our hope is to facilitate the creation, innovation, and organization of new ideas and companies in the field of creative arts. The goal of this course is to help students understand that success in the arts is a function of passion, work ethic, talent, and entrepreneurial drive. Those applying for this class should share a desire to learn about and/or desire to start a company in the creative arts. 

In the past twenty years, digital disruption has upended many industries including the music, film, and television, and has erased most of the barriers to entry in those industries. Furthermore, the transparency of the Internet has shifted the power from large corporations to anyone who has a great idea, talent, and Internet connectivity. Digital technology allows artists to have greater control over their careers and enables entrepreneurs to create new companies that disrupt the traditional way of doing things.  

NUvention: Arts studies how different industries within the arts currently work and examines opportunities for disruption through a variety of teaching approaches including:

The class chair and lead faculty member is Gregg Latterman. Latterman is an NU alum who founded Aware Records in 1993. Latterman’s initial focus was to find the best unsigned musical acts in the country and increase their national exposure through compilation. Through Aware's relationship with Columbia Records, they have released full-length albums by artists such as Mat Kearney, Train, Five for Fighting, and John Mayer.  He is also currently producing a documentary about last year’s soccer exhibition at Soldier Field, in which former NU soccer players played with Lionel Messi and friends. NUvention: Arts will also have an advisory board of alumni and friends of Northwestern who have achieved success in one or many areas of the arts to assist in curriculum development and student coaching.

NUvention: Arts will be offered by a unique partnership of all Northwestern schools facilitated by the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It joins seven other classes in the NUvention program including Analytics, Energy, Medical, Nanotechnology, Impact, Web + Media, and Journalism and Technology. 

Quarter Time Location
Spring 2019 Fridays,
9:00 am - 11:50 am
The Garage Workspace Classroom 1


View the draft syllabus for NUvention: Arts (ENTREP 476)

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