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NUvention: Projects
2010 NUvention: Web Projects


Adaptly allows users to deploy ads simultaneously on social networks’ ad platforms. While other advertising channels such as search often have complicated tools to streamline the marketing process, social media marketers have largely been left behind. So Sethi and his co-founders are seeking to bridge the gap with Adaptly, a web application that helps businesses manage marketing campaigns across multiple social networking sites.

Enthusiast Apps

After initially focusing on extreme sport mobile apps, EnthusiastApps chose a completely new direction in March when they decided to develop an iPhone app for touring outdoor venues. By June, they had secured their first beta testing client in Chicago, and developed a web-based platform that allows the client to manage their own tour content and media. By the end of September, the team's iPhone developer had made substantial progress in the app's internal development. The app is anticipated to launch later this fall at Lincoln Park Zoo.

Present Bee

Present Bee helps you discover, share and discuss great gift ideas for friends and family through social wishlists. You can also buy the perfect gift for your loved ones directly from Present Bee either by yourself or eventually with a group of your friends. Present Bee is in open beta.

Memoria (Social Networking)

The Memoria team built a social networking site that made it easy to exchange photos with those most close to you.

Aisle Agent (Health)

Aisle Agent built an iPhone application that helps people understand the content of the items they are purchasing by scanning them.

Zuve (Ethics)

The Zuve team built an enterprise application that enabled people within companies to submit and socially review ethical case studies within an innovative user interface.

Swarm (Mobile)

Swarm enabled people to organize and coordinate meetings and activities using mobile phone technology.

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