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NUvention: Projects
2012 NUvention: Web Projects


Foodbacking is a service that uses technology to help restaurants create constructive, confidential conversations with diners. They are all about getting restaurants the information they need to improve. Unlike Yelp, they provide a closed feedback channel that makes capturing real-time customer responses easy and secure.


Stagecoach makes video production easier, faster and more cost effective for film, TV and commercial advertising professionals. To manage three primary stages of the video production lifecycle, which includes crew sourcing, project management and archiving, producers currently use workarounds like email, Excel, Google Docs and physical binders. These workarounds result in unneeded headache and budget overages, and are NOT solutions the industry needs and demands. Stagecoach is the solution the industry has been waiting for as it transitions to the digital age.


Petora is an online peer-to-peer marketplace where dog owners can find local dog lovers providing boarding services. It's like Airbnb for pet boarding. Currently, there are no good solutions for dog owners to find a boarding services that fit their needs. Petora is better than traditional kennels by offering a piece of mind to dog owners because they know their dogs will be pampered by local dog lovers with dedicated 24/7 care in a home-like environment.


Daycorial is an online tool to make interior design fun and easy for people who care about their home but don’t have the time to work with professional designers. The product will aggregate the selection of hundreds of high quality art galleries and provide advanced discovery features to make browsing easy. Daycorial is the ultimate tool to try-before-you-buy.


If you need advice on what to wear and what to buy, Sartorial is the platform that connects you with your trusted friends and fashionistas to make those daily fashion decisions. Beyond current messaging capabilities, such as iMessage, and other fashion apps such as GoTryItOn, we afford you the opportunity to organize your discussions by outfits for later perusal, and enable your friends to not just talk but share photos about products or items that you could borrow in a structured manager. Highly organized, relevant feedback, from a trusted group of friends - Sartorial brings the best of the structure of iOS fashion apps and the simplicity of text messaging together into one platform.


Nomad's mobile software solution will provide tools that mobile entrepreneurs need (like inventory management, sales tracking and efficient customer communication) and include location-awareness on several dimensions, while being designed for operation using a mobile phone or tablet. Furthermore, we will also provide a customer facing app that allows food trucks to better communicate with customers through better location data and deeper information (such as logo, contact info, menus and schedules).


HungryNephew provides a web-based community where families share and preserve their cherished recipes.


Seedr enables community managers to feed their Facebook and Twitter audiences with curated content made specifically for them.

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