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NUvention: Projects
2013 NUvention: Web Projects


Professionals will never let a license lapse or worry about whether they're meeting continuing education requirements with LicenseBuddy.The software company helps licensed professionals track and stay up to date with continuing education. It was accepted into the DreamIt incubator in New York.


Draw, type and annotate with the Chisel iPad app, perfected for a class/meeting/conference setting.  The Chisel app is now in the Apple app store.


It's easy for speakers to improve their presentations with Podium, a software that allows user to share video of their talks with trusted individuals and gather and consolidate in-context comments.


The first NUvention: Web team to build a hardware/software combination, HaamLock, designed a bike lock and a companion smartphone application.

Conference-goers have a new networking tool with The interactive application helps users find like-minded individuals to connect with before setting foot on conference grounds.


Wedloom connects soon-to-wed couples with ideas and live wedding planners online.


Giftique is a web service that provides customized gift recommendations, especially for men giving to the significant women in their lives. 


Based in Chicago's North Shore community, MentorHip seeks to more easily connect parents with children’s classes, camps, tutors, and activities.


People seeking natural and alternative medicine treatments for chronic disease may find answers from Wellbe, a high value, user-ranked health information hub on the Web.

Blinkfire Analytics

Blinkfire Analytics provides social media analytics targeted at sports teams.  

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