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NUvention: Projects
2016 NUvention: Energy Projects


Amper sells energy monitoring products that provide appliance-level information regarding energy usage, empowering users with information to conserve electricity and to switch from wasteful appliances in their own homes.

Ferra Power

Over half of carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. come from electricity generation. At Ferra Power, we propose to eliminate these emissions by switching carbon-based fuels for metal-based fuels. Burning metal powders releases energy and produces metal oxides, a harmless solid waste that can be easily collected and regenerated back to metal fuel. We offer the first zero-carbon emission energy generation system for on-demand power using abundant, cheap, and stable metal fuel technology. Our modular technology is ideal for the $27 billion generator market that encompasses large infrastructure projects such as universities, hospitals and data centers, as well as microgrid applications.

GreenGrass Solutions

GreenGrass Solutions provides a comprehensive software energy management solution for indoor cultivation of cannabis. We provide energy auditing and management services.


GreenScope provides an incentive program targeted specifically at non-paying electricity consumers, with a focus on simplicity and low-cost appealing to utility and sustainability managers. We relay real-time energy usage data to consumers, educate them about their use and its environmental impacts, and incentivize reductions through peer-networked competitions and gamification.


iO2 is a innovative company in healthcare filed. Currently, they are concentrating on developing an intelligent and customized mask, in order to help people living in the high-polluted area breathe clean air in a convenient way and live a healthy life.

Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk is building a small, self-piloting electric air vehicle capable of carrying one person for 35 miles at 60 miles per hour in order to revolutionize the way people move.


LiOnSafe provides a revolutionary battery separator for lithium-ion batteries that incorporates novel thermal protection technology developed at Northwestern University. This technology can guard against the dangers of thermal runaway while enabling higher pack energy density.


French based crowd equity funding platform for investors to participate in residential solar projects without the capital or rooftop requirements of a full residential solar installation. Rooftops will be leased from households with favorable solar rooftops for installations financed by investors. 100% of the power produced will be sold to French national utility EDF.


RuNu processes toxic waste from the stainless steel industry to make cathodes materials for lithium-ion batteries. Our cathode material has double the capacity at a fraction of the cost of current, commercial cathode materials. This presents a 1.3 billion dollar market opportunity by 2020.

SmartGen Solutions

SmartGen Solutions is developer of urban-scale cogeneration systems (100-500kW). Our combined heat and power systems provide clean, resilient power that ultimately save our clients up to 30% on their energy bills.

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