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NUvention: Projects
2016 NUvention: Medical Projects


CustomCradle is a customized, rapidly machined immobilizer that will revolutionize radiation oncology treatment by optimizing hospital throughput and patient comfort while maintaining high levels of quality. By significantly reducing the set-up time for radiation therapy the CustomCradle will increase the volume of patient a hospital can treat each day, maximizing potential profit for one of the highest-margin departments in a hospital. In addition, the custom nature of the CustomCradle immobilizer will allow patients to relax in perfectly contoured embrace.


GeneConnect is building a network of skilled CGCs who are ready to counsel patients from afar, at any time, using our proprietary video-based telemedicine platform, specifically designed with genetic counseling needs in mind. Working hand-in-hand with physicians on the ground, our counselors will be valued members of patient care teams across the United States.


HydroTrack is a wearable device capable of non-invasively monitoring changes in hydration. Our goal is to improve the health of community-dwelling elderly populations and elderly populations under long-term care by enabling users to react to dehydration before hospitalization is necessary.


IntelliCare is a digital treatment program for depression and anxiety. It combines a mobile application with remote coaching to investigate the effectiveness of computerized CBT for treating patients with depression and anxiety. Considering the burden of depression and anxiety on our society and health system, there is an opportunity and public health need to better serve and support this population.


IntuiTouch steerable guidewires will define a new standard in interventional neuroradiology for the rapid, precise treatment of ischemic strokes and cerebral aneurysms. Utilizing novel polymer-based microactuators, we can deliver a guidewire with true freedom of movement and the ability to navigate even the most challenging vascular anatomy.


MyFriendsDoc is taking the way people have found doctors for centuries through word of mouth and bringing it into the 21st century via an online platform. We are also helping providers increase website traffic and conversions by turning cold leads into warm leads through peer-to-peer referrals.


NUBand will fill the gap in current clinical care by improving fistula maturation and reducing risks of high flow complications. By creating a reversible mechanism within the band utilizing a magnet or electroactive polymers we give the doctors control over the diameter and flow of blood through the vein.


OxyGenie is an automated Oxygen weaning device that enables hospitals to save over $1.5 million annually by increasing patient throughput. The device is expected to reduce Heart Failure and Pneumonia patient length of stay by up to 20% and improve the efficiency of Emergency Dept operations, freeing beds for new patients and saving time for busy nurses and physicians. The system integrates with existing Oxygen equipment in hospitals, making the device a low investment opportunity to increase revenue dramatically.


Despite the fact that one person in the U.S. sustains a concussion every 15 seconds, most people no neurocognitive baseline assessment prior to injury. Serapis is creating a mobile platform to engage a large segment of the population with neurocognitive testing in the form of a fun, addicting, app based game. Using this baseline data, doctors and therapists will be able to quickly triangulate more effective rehabilitation programs for a TBI patient post-injury, reducing cost of management of long term TBI treatment and symptoms.


UNATI disrupts the home care industry in the US. We are supporting the chronically ill and their families, whether near or far, in navigating the home care system to find high-quality, reliable caregivers at a fraction of the cost. Our solution is a web-based platform to provide high quality, affordable home care by leveraging the shared economy workforce. With both on-demand and scheduled caregiver options, patients and families will collaboratively improve the quality of life of the chronically ill.

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