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NUvention: Projects

Nick Brenckman, a second-year law student teamed up with Lydia Barrett, a second-year Kellogg student, and Nitin Yerran, a fourth-year Feinberg student during the NUvention: Medical Innovation course in September 2012, forming Centripid Medical, Inc.

Through accurate pressure reads and centralized information storage via wireless technology, Centripid Medical, Inc’s “smartCAP” is the first cost-effective product of its kind to relieve hospitals of significant leasing, filling and labor costs associated with managing oxygen tank inventory while simultaneously increasing patient safety through predictable and dependable oxygenation.

The team tied for third place in the 2013 Northwestern University Venture Challenge competition. Check out Northwestern Business Review's article on Centripid Medical.

Lydia Barrett with Nick BrenckmanNick Brenckman and Lydia Barret at NUVC
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