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NUvention: Projects
NUvention: Web + Media Feedback

Check out what former students have said about the NUvention: Web + Media.

On the course:

“[This is] the first time I've taken a course at Northwestern that blurs the boundaries between the classroom and the real world. ANY aspiring entrepreneur would benefit from this experience.”

“Life changing course. Seriously life changing. It was the best decision I've made since starting at NU.”

"Best course I've taken at NU by far. The most practical and interesting things I've learned. It really did challenge us to do something better, something more meaningful, and something that exists beyond the classroom. The quality of the projects served as a testament to all that we learned and the combination of the right students with the right instructors, the right resources, and the right motivation and drive. Highly recommend for anyone interested in doing something they will truly be proud to put on their resume, and for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit that wants to try it out before taking the dive into the world of offices and cubes."

“This was the best class I have ever taken...hands down. I just wish I could be in it next year too.”

“[The] hands-on experience is priceless.”

“[This is] the best course I have ever taken at NU. It gets rid of the glam of start-ups you see when you watch 60 Minutes, but it shows you what it really takes.”

"Overall, I really think that it is the best class I have ever taken in my college and grad school. It is eye-opening and ha[s] really changed my plan for the next 10 years of my life..."

"Easy pick for the best class at NU."

"I learned more about the technology community (specifically Chicago's) than I ever could have hoped for. Meeting people, seeing their enthusiasm, and feeling like NUvention was part of that community was fantastic. It really turned into a great source of inspiration."

On our instructors:

“provided the perfect information and tools to accomplish our tasks.”

“[have] great experience base, [are] very approachable, flexible and quite intelligent on the industry space.”

“[do an] outstanding job of combining the theory with [their] professional experiences to give students the knowledge needed to start their own company.”

“were knowledgeable, professional, and challenging.”

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