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Certificate Recipients

Amrit  Kanesa-thasanEconomics, Math

What was your favorite entrepreneurship course?

Definitely NUvention:Web. Unlike any other course I've taken, it combines textbook and lectures with actual experience, in this case building a startup. The alumni and professors are knowledgeable and teach from their own experience. We received resources and advice that rivals accelerator programs. The pace was quick and mimicked a real startup environment. The software we learned and used are all industry standards. I left Nuvention feeling completely prepared that I could build a competitive web startup or app.

What has been your greatest takeaway or lesson-learned from an entrepreneurship course?

Get out of the building! Whether it's looking for ideas or testing an MVP it's important to find customers and get their feedback on the product. It's initially hard to do and can be burdensome but it is incredibly important when it comes to identifying demands and selling a product.

What advice do you have for future certificate pursuers?

Your take away from these classes is proportional to the effort you put in. There are huge resources as part of this program that will multiply your work if you seek them out, and you will get much more out of these classes if you spend more time and propel your ideas further. Getting a certificate does not necessarily make you an entrepreneur, but it sure can help you become a better one.

What are your next steps after graduation or what are you currently doing now? 

Next year I will be starting as an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company Chicago.

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