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Certificate Recipients

Daniel Greenberg Manufacturing and Design Engineering

What sparked your interest in entrepreneurship?

In high school, I developed a new instrument which is a guitar with a keyboard embedded in the back. I patented the design and started my own business selling them at

What was your favorite entrepreneurship course?

DSGN 350 - Invention and Innovation. I learned all about intellectual property and how much nuance is involved with it.

What has been your greatest takeaway or lesson-learned from an entrepreneurship course?

How important intellectual property is in protecting yourself from infringement. By looking at current IP, you can find new ways to innovate. Once your innovation is there, you need to get your own IP to make sure you're not out-innovated.

What advice do you have for future certificate pursuers?

Try coming up with a single business idea (after brainstorming many) that you can use with each entrepreneurship class. This way you can develop a single idea to the fullest from all sides of the entrepreneurship mindset.

What are your next steps after graduation or what are you currently doing now? 

I'll be starting Northwestern's Engineering, Design, and Innovation master's degree program this fall.

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