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Certificate Recipients

Eric SwankEconomics

What sparked your interest in entrepreneurship?

My interest in entrepreneurship could probably be traced back to my childhood obsession with legos and building things. More specifically, though, I became interested in entrepreneurship in high school when attempting to learn web development; I was frustrated with the process of finding, storing and using online resources and became determined to create something better for myself and everyone else.

What has been your greatest takeaway or lesson-learned from an entrepreneurship course?

The greatest lesson I've learned in entrepreneurship is that business is not, or at should not be, about producing goods and services for profit. It's about taking small risks with the aim of delighting clients by being truly remarkable - through lower prices, better and faster services, or innovative products - and fostering relationships in ways that create loyal, satisfied customers.

What are your next steps after graduation or what are you currently doing now? 

After graduation I will be starting my career as a business analyst at ZS Associates, a management consulting firm based out of Evanston, where I plan to specialize in hi-tech/telecommunications and private equity. Currently I am working out of Northwestern's Summer Accelerator program with Spot, a SaaS start-up partnering with merchants and banks to instantly notify people whenever they leave their credit card behind.

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