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Certificate Recipients

Josephine LeeLearning and Organizational Change

What sparked your interest in entrepreneurship?

Bodega was my first foray into entrepreneurship. I stumbled across the website – a Craigslist for campus – in my dorm room. When I found out it was created by Northwestern students, I was floored. Students could start businesses? I called the students who coded the site – did they need a grunt intern? The rest is history. I tried to continue Bodega after the team graduated but failed for a number of reasons. In retrospect, one of the biggest reasons was that I was addressing a problem that I wasn’t too passionate about solving.

Like many first relationships, things were rosy until they weren’t. But I learned a lot, and in the end Bodega’s failure inspired me to learn how to build a successful startup. The next quarter, I signed up for the school’s introductory course to entrepreneurship.

What was your favorite entrepreneurship course?

I enjoyed taking the Introduction to Entrepreneurship course and then returning as a teaching assistant. My favorite part of the course was experiencing and witnessing the aha-moment that occurs when a student finds a problem and gains confidence in their ability to solve it.

What has been your greatest takeaway or lesson learned from an entrepreneurship course?

Our customers are outside of the building—so I need to get out of the building and talk to them.

What are your next steps after graduation or what are you currently doing now?

Currently, I'm working for a San Francisco-based, trustee-led startup called FUEL451. Our technology automatically creates and serves smart, dynamic video ads. We use the product videos and images you already have to bring customers back to your site and build your brand.

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