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Certificate Recipients

Suzee HanBiological Sciences

What sparked your interest in entrepreneurship?

I joined a student group called EPIC and was on the team that rebuilt the student group from the ground up. I created Project Pitch, a 9-week long entrepreneurship development program and during that process I challenged myself in new ways and physically saw the positive impact that I was making on campus. EPIC empowered me in more ways than one, and I found myself becoming a better leader, professional and individual.    

I eventually led the student ground during my senior year and experienced the highest of highs with my team and the lowest of lows with my co-President. EPIC was my startup experience and taught me more about entrepreneurship than I expected. What I learned about myself professional and personally drove me to finally make the career switch late in my senior year from matriculating into medical school towards wanting to work at a startup.

What was your favorite entrepreneurship course?

Definitely NUvention: Web + Media. I took the course and then returned as a TA for the class a year later. The skills that I gained in the class were relevant, the team that I worked with are still my good friends, and the teaching team and advisory board members were an absolute joy to work with during the six month long course. 

What has been your greatest takeaway or lesson-learned from an entrepreneurship course?

Don’t be afraid to hit a wall or fail and be flexible in the way you think and adapt to new situations on the fly. Also, talk to as many people as you can! You’ll never know what gems to expect from different people.

What advice do you have for future certificate pursuers?

Get the know the faculty as much as possible. They are extremely supportive and helpful beyond the classes that they teach. Don’t stop learning after the class - apply what you’ve learned and take on exciting new projects and continue growing to be a better you.

What are your next steps after graduation or what are you currently doing now? 

I currently work at the happiest place on earth - the Farley Center. :) I look forward to finding a new home and enter an exciting next phase of life at a startup out in the Bay Area.

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