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e@nu with Nikhil Sethi - How to Build a Successful Startup While Still in School

Nikhil Sethi, co-founder of Adaptly, shared his experience about starting up a business while still in school on November 5. Sethi is a Class of 2010 alumnus who majored in electrical engineering and has been building web apps since high school. Sethi shared his story of first building Adaptly and his strategy for expansion. He stressed the often unheard struggles of a startup by major companies like TechCrunch, and how total commitment is necessary to be successful. “Is this something I'm willing to spend the next 5 to 15 years of my life on? If not, I'd say take a step back and figure out if this is something you really want to do,” Sethi said.

Another piece of advice was directed at the legal side of a startup, including hiring a lawyer early (since they had to buy out other co-founders after the course ended) and hiring a CFO once the possibility of revenue exists. Also, constantly setting deadlines and consistently reaching them will help show potential customers the reliability of the company, said Sethi. Utilizing the alumni network at Northwestern and not being afraid to “fail fast” were also notable remarks by Sethi.

An outside view of Nikhil's talk.An outside view of Nikhil's talk.
Adaptly. Adaptly.
Nikhil's advice on co-founding a startup. Nikhil's advice on co-founding a startup.
A close up of the CEO & Co-Founder of Adeptly.A close up of the CEO & Co-Founder of Adeptly.
Nikhil Sethi.Nikhil Sethi.
The captivated audience. The captivated audience.
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