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NUvention: Analytics Advisory Board

Photo of Willem Bakker

Willem Bakker

Innovation Coach

Willem Bakker is an innovation coach experienced in public/private partnerships, start-ups, business turnarounds, and growing enterprises. After a succesful career as an engineer (five patents), entrepreneur (four start-ups) and -C- level leader of technology-based businesses with both public and privately held ownership, he had a second career in academia and not-for-profits focused on turning Intellectual Capital and Property into succesful enterprises. He is passionate about transferring Intellectual Capital and Property into the hands of entrepreneurs and helping them build succesful companies/enterprises. He has received the following degrees: ING, Netherlands; BSEE, New Jersey Institute of Technology; MBA, Rutgers University. During his 50 years of experience, he has learned much from his successes and failures alike.  

Photo of Tom Burns

Tom Burns

Director of Business Development, IoT Analytics at Intel

Thomas Burns is director of business development for Intel’s IOT Analytics Software. In addition to his revenue responsibilities for Intel IOT Products, Burns also defines new business models for licensing Intel’s intellectual property customers and partners. Burns’ background is in electrical engineering, software development, and software business development. He holds an electrical engineering degree from Purdue University and is in his seventh year at Intel.

Photo of Thomas Chiang

Thomas Chiang

Catapult Chicago, Executive-In-ResidenceMATTER Chicago, mentor

Thomas Chiang serves as the Executive-in-Residence at Catapult Chicago, and a mentor at MATTER. Most recently, Chiang was responsible for the business and corporate development functions at the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Prior to Blue Cross Blue Shield, Thomas co-led the corporate venture team at Trustmark Companies. Chiang has also worked with successful startups including FreeMarkets, Incisent Technologies, and Orbitz. He currently sits on the advisory boards of Mozart Medical, Symbiosis Health, and FasPark. He earned his BA from Northwestern and an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth.

Photo of Tim Collins

Tim Collins

Chief Technology Officer, Business Development, Electrical Engineer
Tim has more than 34 years in the Electronics Industry, where he has become a master innovator with over 35 patents. Some of the areas that Tima has business and technical expertise in include micro processors, temperature compensated oscillators, mobile devices, RFID & smart-card tags and readers, location detection, item tracking, security, power control, computer architectures, radio communications, printed semiconductors, retail marketing, public safety systems, workforce management, facial recognition, and analytics.
Photo of David Jakopac

David Jakopac

Vice President and Co-Founder at Lisle Technology Partners, LLC

David Jakopac has co-founded four startups all of which achieved successful exits or are still in business. Prior to LisleTech, Dave developed Neural Network, Electronic Design Automation and Robotic technologies for Peritus Software Services, Vista Technologies, and Gould. Dave holds PhD and MS degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from Northwestern University and a BS in computer science from the University of Florida.

Photo of Anne Marie Johlie

Anne Marie Johlie

Senior Program Director at Mobilitie

Anne Marie Johlie is the Senior Program Director at Mobilitie, interfacing with a national carrier on the nationwide deployment of small cell base stations to improve 4G LTE coverage and other projects to enable 5G. Prior to joining Mobilitie, she worked at Motorola where she was the Director of Operations leading integration, upgrades and remote cybersecurity services for their 2-way radio business. Prior to this she was the Director of Integration Services leading a national service delivery team to install and upgrade 9-1-1 command centers with integrated public safety solutions.  

She serves on the Engineering Advisory Board for the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). She is a passionate advocate for women in STEM. She serves as the advisor for the Women in Engineering Program at UIC and is a life member of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), having held multiple national and regional positions. She received her MS Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a BS Electrical Engineering from the University of Dayton.

Photo of Valinda Scarbro Kennedy

Valinda Scarbro Kennedy

IBM Academic Initiative Skills Leader and Architect

In December 2010, Valinda Scarbro Kennedy joined the IBM Academic Initiative Team. During her 27 year career at IBM, she has held a variety of engineering, sales, services, and management positions. She is on the advisory board of University of Illinois Chicago MERRP, Northern Illinois University Marketing Advisory Board and mentors veterans through American Corporate Partners. Kennedy earned her BS in Applied Mathematics from West Virginia State University in 1987.

Photo of James Kouris

James Kouris

Board Member at The Incubator - Science Innovation Labs

James Kouris is a Board of Director member at The Incubator, a science-focused business incubator that has been dedicated early-stage business growth in technology sectors for 30 years and has served more than 300 startup companies. Kouris is also the Director of Corporate Strategy at LOYAL3, a financial services SaaS technology company that uses social media and digital distribution technologies to democratize the capital markets. Kouris serves as an '1871' advisor to Kellogg School of Management students and co-founded

Kouris holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, an MS in Computer Science from Depaul University and a BS in Business from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Photo of Dean Malmgren

Dean Malmgren

Co-founder at Datascope Analytics

Dean Malmgren is a co-founder and data scientist at Datascope Analytics. In this role, he has helped companies like P&G, Daegis, and Thomson Reuters use data to solve the right problem. He has spoken at the Strata data conference and published articles in peer-reviewed journals like Nature, Science, and PNAS that have been featured in places like TIME, Wired, and US News & World Report. Malmgren received a BS from the University of Michigan and a PhD from Northwestern University.

Photo of John Nelson

John Nelson

President of The Applied Research Company

John Nelson is the president of The ARC, a Commodity Trading Advisor registered with the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission. He is currently a member of the Professional Risk Managers International Association and the International Association for Quantitative Finance. Nelson graduated Pi Mu Epsilon with a BS in mathematics and a MS in statistics from Kansas State University. He also holds a MEM degree from Northwestern University and is a member of the MEM Advisory Board.

Photo of Plamon Petrov

Plamon Petrov

Director, Cognitive Technology, KPMG

Plamen Petrov is Director of Cognitive Technology, KPMG LLP, where he works on applying advanced Artificial Intelligence and Data Science techniques to drive business transformation within KPMG and at KPMG clients. Plamen has the role of Lab Director for the dedicated Intelligent Automation Lab within KPMG Ignition, working with a team of highly skilled resources that utilize leading tools and approaches to build AI solutions.

Plamen’s work focuses on areas such as Natural Language Processing, Probabilistic Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Machine Learning, Data Science, Cognitive Architectures, and other advanced technologies and methods.

In addition to his deep technical expertise, Plamen is a seasoned executive who has held executive leadership positions including CTO, Chief Enterprise Architect, executive director and managed advanced technology organizations at different companies and industries. Plamen has an extensive experience in industry and academia having worked in different roles at companies such as IBM, Deloitte LLP, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, United Airlines, Sun Microsystems, Motorola, Cincinnati Bell, and the Institute for Technical Cybernetics & Robotics.

Plamen holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Chicago specializing in probabilistic reasoning and Bayesian Networks and a Master of Engineering Management degree from Northwestern University. Plamen also serves on the faculty of the University of Illinois at Chicago where he teaches graduate courses on Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Cognitive Analytics. Plamen is currently the Industry Liaison Officer for the ACM Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence (SIGAI).

Photo of David Rosen

David Rosen

In 2014, David Rosen founded TechX Foundry, the largest and most advanced ecosystem available for the commercialization of tech hardware innovations. Prior to selling his software business, Acrelic Interactive, Rosen spent several years as an investor and consultant to industry, evaluating various markets in technology, systems, and software. 


Rosen currently manages two Operating Roles: CEO of TechXFoundry and Partner of Acrelic Group, and remains active as an investor, advisor and mentor at Signal Lake (VC), TechLaunch (Accelerator), and several hardware and software companies. Rosen's current investment and advisory thesis surrounds advancing growth opportunities for software and systems in several markets: Autonomous, Aerospace, AR/VR, AI, Advanced MFG, IoT, Robotics, Smart City/Building Automation, & Transportation among other markets. 


Rosen earned his BS/BA from Boston University - School of Management in Information Systems in 1982. 

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