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Undergraduate Certificate

Interested in pursuing our Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship? Click here to fill out Farley Center's Certificate Program registration formTo earn Farley Center's undergraduate certificate in entrepreneurship, students must fulfill four credits/requirements. Students pursuing the certificate must recognize that the completion of the certificate may involve completing courses in addition to those required for their degrees and may extend their degree completion date by at least one quarter. Classes required for the certificate cannot also be applied towards a student’s core major/minor degree requirements. There are many ways for students to complete the certificate, but at least two credits must be ENTREP courses.

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Foundational Courses

Students can complete one or both of the foundational courses. Substitutions can be made but must be approved in advance by the Farley Center.

To complete the certificate, students must take two or three of the following:

NUvention Courses

Special Topics Courses

Additional Courses

Other Credit Options

To gain approval, declare the certificate, and chart your progress, please fill out this form.

Questions? Contact Farley Center associate director, Elizabeth 

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