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The Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is dedicated to developing students’ entrepreneurial skills and abilities so they can thrive in an ever-changing world. We believe every student can use entrepreneurial thinking to identify and address new challenges and opportunities. That is why we bring together faculty from an array of disciplines to teach a unique interdisciplinary curriculum in which students experience the entire entrepreneurial life cycle—from ideation to prototyping and business plan development. So, whether you want to be a consultant, artist, activist, or business owner, our courses meet you where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

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About Us

  • Take the Path that Matters to You

    With an undergraduate minor, graduate minor and a creative entrepreneurship track- the Farley Center recognizes and celebrates diversity in entrepreneurship.
  • Learn through Your Experiences

    The Farley Center offers over 38 courses, giving you an unparalleled entrepreneurial experience in different settings—as you turn innovative ideas into business realities!
  • Develop Skills that Will Last A Lifetime

    Our students are making a major impact with their ventures. Since the Farley Center's founding, companies founded by students have gone on to raise money, get acquired and combined have a valuation of over $500 Million. 

  • Build a Community, Not Just a Network

    With faculty and students from every school across Northwestern, The Farley Center is truly an interdisciplinary space. This allows our students to form life long connections, not only amongst themselves, but with industry veterans.

Farley at a Glance

Farley at Northwestern

The Farley Center is a key player in a dynamic ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation activities at Northwestern.

Our entrepreneurship and innovation courses

  • NUvention is an experiential learning program designed to expose students to the entire product and business development life cycle in a variety of specialized fields
  • Farley Center Courses are designed to create lifelong entrepreneurs while teaching essential skills needed for the business world and beyond

Farley Center offers a variety of courses that provide unique learning opportunities for students who wish to explore entrepreneurship and innovation in a classroom setting.

Our NUvention course program forms the cornerstone of the center's goals and exposes students to the entire innovation and entrepreneurial life cycle and to help them understand how innovations become viable business.

Our general courses teach the fundamentals needed for lifelong entrepreneurship as well as provide a deep dive for students wishing to explore all facets of entrepreneurship education, including personal branding, product management, and human-centered entrepreneurship, to name a few.

Both NUvention and Farley Center courses may be taken in pursuit of a Minor in Entrepreneurship.

Mentors and Advisors

In addition to our main advisory board, each NUvention course its own advisory board with members who serve as liaisons to their industries. Our board members are committed to guiding our curriculum and mentoring our students. Farley Center staff also provide year-round mentorship to interested students and startups.

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