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New director of Northwestern's Farley Center aims to attract diverse students to entrepreneurship

September 28, 2020   As Northwestern University continues to position itself as a significant piece to the Chicago entrepreneurial landscape, the college has named a new director of its Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Hayes Ferguson, who has been part of Northwestern’s entrepreneurial ecosystem for five years, began her new role Aug. 3.

Farley Center News

Seven with Northwestern Ties Featured in Chicago Inno’s 2020 ‘25 Under 25’

September 25, 2020   Northwestern students and alumni, many with Farley connections, were featured in a list of young entrepreneurs and technologists who are “contributing to Chicago's tech and startup industry in impactful ways.”

Vijay Vaitheeswaran Joins Farley Center as Visiting Fellow

September 24, 2020   Vijay Vaitheeswaran, US business editor for The Economist, has joined Northwestern Engineering’s Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation as a visiting fellow for the 2020-21 academic year. In his role, Vaitheeswaran will participate in Farley Center courses and special programming. In NUvention: Energy, part of the Farley Center’s flagship suite of entrepreneurship courses, he will help student teams develop pitches for their own energy startups. He also will host events open to the Northwestern community, such as a discussion on a to-be-determined topic.

Building Healthier Communities Through Opal

August 31, 2020   Building Healthier Communities Through Opal: “It’s not about changing technology but changing the human mindset. Our goal is designing a device that will help change human behavior so that [people] can solve the problem,” says Irewole Akande, co-founder and chief technology officer of City Health Tech, a public-health startup that aims to use technology to build healthier communities and mitigate the spread of infectious diseases.

A Contactless Bus Designed for the Pandemic Age

August 31, 2020   The design concept from a multi-institutional team of designers and engineers alters the way passengers enter and exit the bus by combining all ingresses and egresses into a single large sliding door.

Wildfire 2020: (Virtual) Demo Day Wrap Up

August 27, 2020   Wildfire 2020, despite being conducted in a virtual format, was still an intensive and busy 10 weeks for our student founded startups participating. We were absolutely committed to ensuring the experience online was a valuable one, so we packed the summer with superstar content providers. Students participating in the program were also able to take advantage of one-on-one mentorship to guide them through Wildfire and perfect their pitches in preparation for a (virtual) Demo Day!

Kellogg, McCormick announce MBAi joint degree program

August 19, 2020   The Kellogg School of Management and the McCormick School of Engineering are launching an MBAi joint degree at the intersection of business and technology management. The accelerated five-quarter program responds to a growing and global need for leaders that can spearhead strategic, business-driving innovation while understanding the complexities and nuances of the technologies that enable it.

How McCormick Students are Helping Fashion Become More Green

July 22, 2020   Lura is an online fabric marketplace for sustainable textiles, giving brands access and information needed to source materials. Northwestern Engineering students Regina Morfin and Avantika Raikar wanted to help the fashion industry, often accused of harming the environment, become more sustainable.

Students Develop At-home DNA Test with Privacy in Mind

July 17, 2020   Developed by undergraduate Ana Cornell, GenomeLock is a three-part test kit that gives users insightful genetic data while preserving their privacy.

Northwestern start-up wins inaugural Nature prize

July 16, 2020   A Northwestern University tech startup has received The Spinoff Prize, a new highly competitive, international award from the journal Nature. Sibel Health — cofounded by Northwestern’s John A. Rogers and Dr. Steve Xu — was honored for its affordable, wireless sensor system to monitor premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit. Based on research from Rogers’ lab, the system avoids adhesive patches, which can damage newborns’ fragile skin, and the tangles of wires that can pose a barrier to physical bonding.

Farley Center News

NU researchers develop wearable device that helps monitor COVID-19 symptoms

July 14, 2020   A team of Northwestern researchers, in collaboration with Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, developed a wearable device that can monitor COVID-19 symptoms. The device was originally designed for stroke patients to help improve speech and swallowing rehabilitation protocols.

NUvention: Web+Media 2020 Final Pitch

July 13, 2020   Farley’s NUvention courses are key to the center’s goals as it exposes students to the entire innovation and entrepreneurial life cycle through hands-on application. This Spring quarter marked the second quarter of NUvention: Web + Media, a two-quarter capstone course where students design, plan and run web-based businesses. However, this quarter was rather different from its previous half. Coming in to the second quarter and adapting a fully online model of class in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the teams of NUVention: Web+Media had to adapt accordingly. On May 20th, student groups from the course presented their work at the online trade show, presenting their work developed for two quarters to course faculties, guests, and the course’s advisory board.

Farley Center News

Farley Summer 2020 Community Newsletter

July 10, 2020   Summer 2020 quarterly newsletter sharing about our Class of 2020, Incoming Director Hayes Ferguson, faculty updates, and wrap-up summaries of each of our Spring 2020 NUvention classes.

Rice Business Plan Competition 2020

July 7, 2020   Congrats to Northwestern's Cardiosense was a finalist in this year's Rice Business Plan Competition. Cardiosense from Northwestern University, which has created a wearable heart monitor device, took sixth place in the competition and won a $5,000 award sponsored by Chevron Technology Ventures. Cardiosense also won two other monetary prizes — TMC Innovation's $100K TMC Healthcare Innovation investment and NASA's $25,000 Human Health and Performance Award — bringing the total amount won to $130,000. The company also won OFW Law's prize.

NUvention: Arts 2020

July 6, 2020   Spring 2020 NUvention: Arts

Thanking Founding Director Professor Mike Marasco

July 2, 2020   In 2006, Professor Michael Marasco wrote a white paper for the idea of creating a interdisciplinary entrepreneurship center and founded the Center in 2007 which was endowed by James and Nancy Farley less than 12 months later in 2008. We celebrate and thank Mike for his passion for teaching, as well as his dedication, kindness and empathy.

Thanking Prof Verinder Syal

July 1, 2020   Thanking Prof Verinder Syal for all of his years of teaching

Water purification startup NUMiX Materials wins inaugural U.S. Bank Cleantech Diversity & Inclusion Award

June 30, 2020   The program supports female and minority entrepreneurs driving innovation in environmental sustainability

Sherrell Dorsey, founder of digital news platform covering the Black innovation economy, awarded inaugural Medill Garage Media Entrepreneur Fellowship

June 24, 2020   Sherrell Dorsey, founder of digital news platform covering the Black innovation economy, awarded inaugural Medill Garage Media Entrepreneur Fellowship. The Fellowship supports underrepresented groups in addressing challenges facing media. The one-year fellowship supports entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups—with an emphasis on women and people of color—who are working on innovation in the media industry. As part of the fellowship, Dorsey will receive an $80,000 stipend for the year, and access to a variety of resources across Northwestern such as select classes at Medill, the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the University at-large to help her to continue to expand her work.

Moses Lee, SESP '20 - Class of 2020

June 20, 2020   Moses Lee, SESP '20 - Class of 2020

Northwestern Commencement 2020

June 20, 2020   Northwestern Commencement 2020

Farley Center - Class of 2020 Graduates

June 19, 2020   Congrats to our Farley Center graduates with the minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Inventive Mind of an Intrapreneur

June 17, 2020   Edgar Menezes, with more than 60 patents to his credit, helped lead innovation at Johnson & Johnson for three decades.

Farley Faculty Member & Interim Director Mark Werwath to Serve as Inaugural Executive Director of the Office of Professional Education for McCormick School of Engineering

June 16, 2020   An accomplished leader, Werwath brings varied experience in management, business, and higher education.

NUvention: Analytics 2020

June 15, 2020   Wrap-up summary of the teams developed in the Spring 2020 quarter of NUvention: Analytics

Farley Center News

Student bikeshare company eo pivots to provide help in a time of need

June 9, 2020   Bikeshare company eo, started by Northwestern students in early 2019, has a new mission to deliver food and supplies to Evanston residents in need. The company, which offers a year-round dockless bikeshare solution to students on Evanston’s campus, found itself without riders during a virtual spring quarter. Rather than shutting down operations, eo partnered with Evanston Mutual Aid to deliver groceries and necessarily supplies to Evanston residents at home.

Company Feature: Hubly Surgical

June 9, 2020   Hubly Surgical Inc. is a neurosurgical device company currently focused on reducing the 20% lethal complication rate of the world’s most common neurosurgery: the skull puncture. In this procedure, a physician bores a hole through the skull. It is performed 100,000 per year in the United States, and Hubly aims to make the skull puncture safe. “Born and bred out of Farley Center’s classroom at Northwestern,” Hubly now features a leadership team with three alumni: CEO Casey Grage, Director of Clinical Development Dr. Amit Ayer, and Director Mark Fisher.

Hayes Ferguson Named Director of Farley Center

June 5, 2020   Hayes Ferguson was named director of Northwestern Engineering’s Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Dean Julio M. Ottino announced on June 4. Her appointment is effective August 1, 2020. Ferguson, currently associate director of The Garage at Northwestern, is an accomplished leader with more than three decades of experience in entrepreneurship, higher education, and media. She will lead the Farley Center, dedicated to fostering students’ entrepreneurial skills and abilities through a unique interdisciplinary curriculum with faculty from an array of disciplines.

Propel's 2020 Cohort and Virtual Showcase

June 1, 2020   Launched in 2018, Propel provides networking, mentorship, and immersive learning experiences that promote diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship. Full-time, female students can apply for the program, which is made possible by Katherine and Steve Elms, MBA ’92, and Heather and Andrew Zuckerman, Weinberg ’91.

Tommy D’Alise partners with Joseph W. Feinberg to launch a fundraiser supporting La Rabida

June 1, 2020   Tommy D’Alise, who is majoring in learning and organizational change with a minor in entrepreneurship, is using his independent study, overseen by Professor Heather Aranyi, to partner with Joseph W. Feinberg and lead an important fundraiser to support the children, families, and workers of La Rabida. La Rabida is a hospital in Chicago that provides health care to children, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

Student Spotlight: Sinthuja Nagalingam and Tilt

May 26, 2020   Sinthuja Nagalingam began working on an idea to make extracurricular activities more accessible to low-income high school students during her first quarter at Kellogg in the fall of 2018.

Farley Center News

Mining the Future

May 26, 2020   David Snydacker found Lilac Solutions, a mining technology company. The goal of the company is to become a technology partner to developers of lithium projects. Before starting Lilac Solutions, Snydacker took Northwestern's NUvention: Energy course, which allows students to create energy related startups in teams.

VentureCat 2020: The Results

May 20, 2020   The results of Northwestern’s annual student startup competition!

Farley Fellow Milan Mrksich named Northwestern’s Vice President for Research

May 14, 2020   Farley Fellow Milan Mrksich named Northwestern’s Vice President for Research. Award-winning scientist has overseen the University’s research portfolio through COVID-19 pandemic.

LENDing a Hand

May 11, 2020   LENDing a Hand: Student entrepreneurs help fill vital needs during the pandemic. An organization run by Northwestern students is working hard to keep Evanston’s small business owners afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. Helped by a $100,000 contribution from the city of Evanston, Lending for Evanston and Northwestern Development (LEND) is offering no-interest loans of up to $5,000 to entrepreneurs hit hard by the crisis

NUvention Web + Media Winter 2020 Recap

May 8, 2020   Farley’s NUvention courses are key to the center’s goals as it exposes students to the entire innovation and entrepreneurial life cycle through hands-on application. This winter marks the first quarter of ENTREP 473, or NUvention: Web + Media, a two-quarter capstone course where students design, plan and run web-based businesses. On March 11, 9 student groups from the course presented their work thus far in creating their own startups. Also in attendance was members of the course’s advisory board, which consists of around 40 founders or directors of recent startups.

NUvention Medical Winter 2020 Recap

May 8, 2020   Farley’s NUvention courses are key to the center’s goals as it exposes students to the entire innovation and entrepreneurial life cycle through hands-on application. NUvention: Medical is a two-quarter interdisciplinary experiential learning program that aims to expose students to the entrepreneurial lifecycle of new medical technologies. On March 11, 8 student groups from the course presented their final work.

Farley Center News

Monitoring COVID-19 from Hospital to Home

May 5, 2020   McCormick/Farley faculty member John Rogers lab as part of the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab team develops the first wearable device to continuously track key symptoms

Wearable Device to Monitor COVID-19 Symptoms with John A. Rogers, PhD

May 4, 2020   Monitoring patients and frontline health care workers for symptoms of COVID-19 could get much easier with a small wireless sensor developed by scientists at Northwestern and the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab. Northwestern’s John A. Rogers, PhD, explains.

Student Spotlight: Ibraheem Alinur and City Health Tech

April 27, 2020   Ibraheem Alinur is an Engineering senior at Northwestern and the founder of City Health Tech.

NUvention Energy Winter 2020 Recap

April 23, 2020   Farley’s NUvention courses are key to the center’s goals as it exposes students to the entire innovation and entrepreneurial life cycle through hands-on application. ENTREP 474:NUvention: Energy, is the product of a collaboration between the Farley Center and the Institute of Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern. On March 10, 5 student groups from the course presented their work at the Tech Nexus building in Chicago.

Message from Interim Director

April 23, 2020   A message for the Spring 2020 quarter from Interim Director Mark Werwath

The S.A.F. E. Cartridge System

April 21, 2020   Joshua Kim, EDI ’18 and a participant in the Farley Center’s NUvention Medical class, led a team that designed the S.A.F. E. Cartridge System and associated mask assembly to be an easy-to-make, homemade filtration system that filters out 5% MORE than an N95 mask. The S.A.F. E. Cartridge System was tested in the same way N95 masks are tested at the hospital and from those tests are proven to be effective. They are currently awaiting final approval from the FDA and are working with manufacturing companies.

City Health Tech Produces Device to Help Handwashing

April 15, 2020   Founded by Ibraheem Alinur, City Health Tech is working to minimize the spread of preventable illness through encouraging longer hand washing times. The company created a device called Opal, a wireless waterproof device that provides hand washing instructions.


April 14, 2020   Rheaply and the McCormick School of Engineering launched a medical supply exchange to help healthcare providers get the necessary supplies to face the COVID-19 crisis in Illinois.

Little Joe Ventures x LA 2020

April 14, 2020   The five Northwestern juniors who comprise the second cohort of the Little Joe Ventures fellowship had the opportunity to visit some of the most innovative technology companies in Los Angeles.

Sprout 2020

April 14, 2020   Sprout is an annual immersion trip to San Francisco for students from who are interested in entrepreneurship at Northwestern. It’s run by EPIC, Northwestern’s entrepreneurship student organization.

Rhaeos is one of nine companies accepted into the 2020 TMCx Accelerator

April 9, 2020   Rhaeos, which won 4th place in the 2019 Rice Business Plan Competition, is one of nine companies accepted into the 2020 TMCx Accelerator. The nine accepted startups come from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Toronto, London, and Copenhagen. The accelerator will start virtually due to COVID-19.

A Natural-Born Performer Pays It Forward

April 6, 2020   Entrepreneur and investor Genevieve Thiers makes waves toward equality.

Farley Center News


March 13, 2020   Farley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation - IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE

Northwestern's Blockchain Group Hosts an Industry Talk on Everyday Uses of Cryptocurrency

March 3, 2020   The Northwestern Blockchain Group hosts a seminar by CoinFlip on what people are using cryptocurrencies for, how people are getting cryptocurrency, and CoinFlip's initiatives in making crypto more accessible to all.

Farley Students Launch Medkit in Northwestern Dorm

January 1, 2020   Medkit is a vending machine that sells medication, hygiene products, and sexual health items.

Farley Student Wins Prize at BMAC Kellogg Conference Venture Competition

November 5, 2019   City Health Tech won second place and $1500 at the competition.

Alumnus Morgan Lewis Launches Design Collaboration with Nike By You x Cultivator

November 4, 2019   Alumnus Morgan Lewis has designed a limited edition Nike sneaker that celebrates lesbians and country music.

John Rogers, Farley Professor, Elected to the National Academy of Medicine

October 21, 2019   Rogers becomes one of only 25 people ever to be named to all three National Academies

From Food Waste to Biomass, NUVention Alum Seeks Sustainable Solutions

October 16, 2019   $800k is raised by a NUVention: Energy Alum who looks to fight food waste.

Hazel Technologies Raises $800K for Their Food Waste-Fighting Tech

October 16, 2019   A startup aiming to fight food waste just raised a seed round to grow their venture.

Farley Center October Newsletter

October 11, 2019   Read about the Farley Center in our monthly community newsletter.

Bienen and Farley Center Alumni Create Musical Instruments for Students with Disabilities

October 7, 2019   Inclusive Instruments, a project spearheaded by recent Bienen School of Music alumnus Ryan McCaul (Bienen ‘19), provides free electronic musical services and technologies for students with disabilities.

Farley Interim Director Facilitates Discussion on the Future of Energy

October 1, 2019   In September 2019, over 30 participants gathered at the Chicago Connectory to discuss the global energy transition as part of The World Innovation Network Global (TWIN Global), an annual gathering of innovation and growth leaders from across sectors and geographies, and Mark Werwath acted as the facilitator.

Farley Center September Newsletter

September 30, 2019   Read about the Farley Center in our monthly community newsletter

Michael Marasco, Founding Director of the Farley Center, Has Stepped Down After 13 Years

September 23, 2019   After almost 13 years as Director of the Farley Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Michael Marasco has stepped down as the founding director.

NUvention Networked Body Professor Pioneers New Medical Technologies

September 10, 2019   The future of medical monitoring is taking shape in a laboratory in Evanston.

SESP Magazine Features Entrepreneurship and the Farley Center

September 2, 2019   The story of five entrepreneurs who found there’s no better place to start (up) than SESP.

Sahar Jamal, Farley Alumna and Kellogg Graduate, Featured in Northwestern Magazine

September 1, 2019   The founder of Maziwa is featured in an article titled, "Alumna’s Startup Gives Babies a Healthy Start"

Farley Center Featured on Northwestern Intersections Podcast

August 14, 2019   Heather Aranyi, who's on faculty at the Farley Center, comments on the branding classes she teaches through the Farley Center on the Northwestern Intersections podcast.

Former Farley Student Built Nanograf Around Northwestern Battery Technology

August 7, 2019   The entrepreneurs behind NanoGraf Corporation reveal how they built an international company around a Northwestern battery technology

From Materials to Market

August 1, 2019   The entrepreneurs behind NanoGraf Corporation reveal how they built an international company around a Northwestern battery technology.

Why This Midwestern City Has the Highest Concentration of Women Entrepreneurs in America

August 1, 2019   The nation's third-largest city boasts the greatest concentration of women founders.

It Takes A Village

July 31, 2019   With an overwhelming message to set high standards and believe in yourself, the power of women mentorship is monumental. For Kristen Sanders, mentors Heather Aranyi, Elizabeth Lukehart and Trish Thomas provided life-changing advice and support.

Recent Farley Alumni Take Their Watch Startup to the Next Level by Beginning Production

July 30, 2019   Following a successful Kickstarter, Eli Wallace ‘18 and Michael White ‘18 will actively pursue venture capital funding in Chicago this summer for their digital watch company, Life Watch.

Farley Alumnus Tells His Story of Building the First AI-Powered Kitchen Assistant

July 17, 2019   How He Took An Idea from a Farley Course to Silicon Valley

McCormick Magazine Features Farley Center in Article

July 11, 2019   Farley Center alumni featured in "So, You Sold Your Startup?"

Sales-Griffin to lead Techstars startup program

July 9, 2019   The entrepreneur and coder is taking over a well-known startup boot camp.

NUvention Web + Media Students Pitch Their Pioneering Startups

July 3, 2019   NUvention Web + Media Students Pitch Their Pioneering Startups

Sports Watch Dreamt Up by Farley Student Hits Kickstarter

July 2, 2019   Life Watch was dreamed up two years ago by a Farley student who was shopping for a simple, well-designed sports watch. Now see the result of his hard work with the debut of his kickstarter.

Celebrating Women at the Farley Center

July 1, 2019   This month we're celebrating some of the remarkable women who are making an epic contribution to the Farley Center.

Farley Center News

Farley Center's Creative Tech Showcase 2019

June 10, 2019   Creative Tech: A Juried Showcase of Whole-Brain Innovation. In its first year on May 23, 2019, the Creative Tech Showcase is hosted by The Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Professor Elizabeth Lukehart. Generously supported by the Murphy Society, the Creative Tech Showcase features innovative and entrepreneurial student projects at the intersection of the arts and technology.

Music Business & Technology meets Entrepreneurship & Innovation

June 10, 2019   Music Business & Technology meets Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Brew Bike Places Sixth in Rice Business Plan Competition

June 7, 2019   BrewBike earns $100,000 GOOSE Society Investment Prize at the annual startup competition.

Jon McNeill ‘89 Addresses His Journey from NU to the C-Suite at Lyft

June 7, 2019   Jon McNeill ‘89 Addresses His Journey from NU to the C-Suite at Lyft

Spring 2019 Newsletter

June 1, 2019   Read about what happened during spring quarter in the Farley Center!

Farley Alumni Featured in Northwestern Magazine

June 1, 2019   A recent Farley alumni has been featured as a standout senior from the 2019 class

Farley Alum and Her Company Featured in Northwestern Magazine

May 1, 2019   Kristen Sanders, Farley Center Alumna and People6 Founder, talks about her experience at Northwestern, The Garage, and the Farley Center.

Farley Center News

Five new innovators join Chain Reaction Innovations in third cohort Argonne helps innovators accelerate energy and science tech-to-market

April 24, 2019   Five new innovators join Chain Reaction Innovations in third cohort Argonne helps innovators accelerate energy and science tech-to-market

IEMS Student Published in ThriveGlobal

March 21, 2019   The article written by Sydney Agus is titled "Why We Need to Start Talking About the Stress of Academic Competition"

Farley Faculty Member Named as Crain's Tech 50

January 1, 2019   Crain’s annual list that brings the headliners, behind-the-scenes heroes, new faces and emerging stars of Chicago tech you need to know now includes a Farley Faculty Member.

Reflections from a McCormick Industrial Engineer on Wall Street

November 28, 2018   Industrial Engineering graduate, Shuyang Bai, reflects on his experiences as a Northwestern University IE student and shares how his work on a biofuel business innovation for Farley Center's Engineering Entrepreneurship (ENTREP 325) course prepared him for his Wall St. investment job.

Northwestern Engineering Launches New Deep Learning Lab

September 25, 2018   As artificial intelligence grows in prominence, Northwestern Engineering is launching a Deep Learning Lab, which will build a community of deep learning-focused data scientists to service the research and industry needs of the Midwest.

Northwestern University Student Group Brings Design Thinking to Holy Trinity

September 25, 2018   What problems are facing today’s high school students and how can we solve them? That was the big question posed to Holy Trinity students in our NFTE/Corporate Experience class on Wednesday, September 19, 2018, by student leaders from Northwestern University’s EPIC club.

Farley Center News

Farley Center Year in Review: 2017-2018

July 23, 2018   Farley Center's record enrollment growth is linked with increased student diversity and marked by notable events and guest speakers, seven new courses, and the unveiling of a brand new Undergraduate Minor in Entrepreneurship.​

McCormick, Kellogg and Medill Students Pitch Their Startup Ideas to Investors, Entrepreneurs

June 29, 2018   Eight teams of entrepreneurial Northwestern students bravely went before 30 critical judges to conclude the 2018 NUvention Web + Media class.

Alumnus Akshat Thirani Named to Crain’s “20 In Their 20s” for 2018

May 15, 2018   Alumnus Akshat Thirani was recognized as co-founder and CEO of Amper Technologies, a startup he launched while a student in Farley Center's NUvention: Energy course.​

Northwestern alum Jun Sung Ahn shares YouTube journey, entrepreneurship tips

May 9, 2018   Northwestern alum Jun Sung Ahn, known by his stage name “JuNCurryAhn,” shared his story of how he became a multi-talented YouTube star on May 4.

Reconnecting Art and Science in the Classroom

May 2, 2018   Blending art and science in education opens the door to innovative thinking.

In the Mix - A Q&A with NU Startup NUMiX

April 26, 2018   In this exclusive Q&A interview, NUMiX member shares insights about their team and how it came to participate in and capture a winning prize at the 2018 Rice Business Plan Competition.

NUvention Web + Media Teams Seek Feedback from Entrepreneurs, Investors

April 10, 2018   Nearly 30 members of the NUvention: Web + Media advisory board attended the course's midterm presentations in March 2018, to give their expert advice to the Web + Media student teams.

VC Competition Helps NU Students Decipher the VC Enigma

March 22, 2018   VCIC, a day-long venture capital contest, aims to teach student entrepreneurs how to tackle enigmatic VC questions, and more, by putting them through a real-time investment test. NU student entrepreneur Rushi Shah shares his 3rd-place winning team's 2018 competition experiences.

Farley Center Success Story: Erik Robinson, Sintact Medical Systems CEO

February 24, 2018   Erik Robinson, Sintact Medical Systems Founder/CEO, shares the in-depth story of his journey from NU student to successful MedTech-industry entrepreneur.

Student Entrep Group Buds During Sprout San Francisco Trip

January 18, 2018   EPIC's Sprout trip to tech mecca, San Francisco, was a whirlwind journey that taught NU student entrepreneurs to ideate, develop, and evolve as creative thinkers and as business-minded achievers—as recapped by Farley Center's Ria Hirsch.

Student Perspective: 10X Momentum Awards

January 18, 2018   Hosted by Chicago’s premier tech incubator, 1871, the 10th annual Momentum Awards celebrated the progress the city has made in establishing itself as a center of technology and startup culture.

10X Momentum Awards Honor Chicago Entrepreneurs

December 22, 2017   The 10X Momentum Awards, Chicago’s premier entrepreneurial award gala, took over the city’s Hyatt Hotel on November 6th, 2017, and showcased the accomplishments of Chicago’s network of entrepreneurs.

Farley Center Launches Undergraduate Minor in Entrepreneurship

November 14, 2017   At the Farley Center, a student’s passion for business is the only requisite for our Undergraduate Minor in Entrepreneurship which will launch in Winter 2018.

From Classroom to Career

November 8, 2017   Zahid Panjwani (NU'14), shares how he began his entrepreneurial journey at the Farley Center, gained practical experience throughout his time at Northwestern, and eventually secured a career in startup business post-graduation.

A Better Approach to Co-Founder Equity Splits

October 12, 2017   The traditional approach to negotiating equity splits is fundamentally flawed. Farley Center Faculty, Mike Moyer, explains why this is and the solution he has found.

Can a Startup Mentality Help Artists Succeed? Sittercity's Founder Thinks So.

October 10, 2017   How can liberal arts students use startup lessons to launch their budding careers? That’s the question opera singers and entrepreneurs Genevieve Thiers and Heather Aranyi tackled in a class they developed at Northwestern University.

A Year of Progress: Farley Center's 2016-17 Year in Review

October 6, 2017   The 2016-2017 academic year reflects a year of positive growth for the Farley Center in more than just student enrollment numbers.

Hidden Option "E": How Northwestern Helped Me Find My Inner Entrepreneur

October 2, 2017   Farley Center alumna, Stephanie Wiegel, NU' 17, shares how the people and resources at Northwestern helped her break out of a "rigid, test-like mentality" and realize her own options for her future.

NUvention Course Looks to the Future of Transportation

August 30, 2017   From autonomous vehicles and drones to car-sharing services, the transportation industry is rife with headline-grabbing, disruptive innovations. Our upstart course at Northwestern University is getting in on the action.

Behind the Scenes: An Inside Look at NUvention: Arts

July 21, 2017   Spring 2017 NUvention: Arts Teaching Assistant, Zane Clarke Waxman, NU '17, explains why he calls Farley Center's NUvention: Arts course "an extremely exciting experience unlike any you will find elsewhere."

Something Educational This Way Comes

June 29, 2017   Northwestern Ph.D. Candidate E.B. Hunter is making Shakespeare approachable for modern audiences — with an ambitious repackaging of a 400-year-old text as a video game.

Journey and Reward - A Q&A With Meenu Satiya, NU '17

June 21, 2017   Meenu Satiya shares the academic and personal experiences she had taking our pilot NUvention: Transportation course in the Fall of 2017. She has worked at Airbus and Cessna, and is currently a Program Management intern at HERE Technologies. She graduated in 2017 with a Masters in Engineering Managment (MEM). Satiya also has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from The Aeronautical Society of India.

Avenues to NUvention and Beyond

May 25, 2017   Farley's NUvention program is structured to equip students with the skills most essential for the budding entrepreneur. Find out how the program empowers its students and how students enroll in it.

Silicon Valley Law Firm Visits Northwestern University for Day-Long Entrepreneur Boot Camp

May 5, 2017   One of the biggest startup law firms in Silicon Valley, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR), visited Northwestern University in late April to offer entrepreneurs step-by-step advice for forming and protecting a business.

Three NUvention Courses Deliver Diverse Innovations in Winter 2017

April 10, 2017   This year, several breakthrough innovations came out of the Fall/Winter NUvention Medical, Energy, and Web + Media courses.

Launch's Winter Pitch Night Picks A Winner

April 4, 2017   Launch, Northwestern’s year-long, student-led student accelerator helmed by student entrepreneurial group EPIC, picked a winner during its Pitch Night event in early March.

Farley + Medill Media Innovation Students Present Startup Ideas

April 2, 2017   After 10 weeks of team-building and hard work, nine teams of Northwestern students pitched their startup business ideas March 7 to an audience of investors, entrepreneurs, students and faculty.

SiNode Systems wins Sustainable Practice Impact Award

March 24, 2017   Chicago-based company SiNode Systems has won this year’s Sustainable Practice Impact Award to honor a company that develops clean technologies, implements sustainable practices, or provides exceptional educational opportunities to university students.

When Do Startups Need An Accountant?

March 17, 2017   Most startups bring in an accountant too late into the startup creation process. So when should startups make the call and outsource their accounting and tax work to an accountant? Certified accountant and Farley Faculty member, Joshua Lance, has the answer.

Smarter Energy Usage from Northwestern Spin-out Company

February 28, 2017   Discovering how expensive off-campus electrical bills could be led Northwestern student, Akshat Thiranilay, to lay the foundation for Amper, a Northwestern spin-out.

Entropy and Entrepreneurship: Why the Successful Simplify

February 27, 2017   The reason some very successful entrepreneurs simplify could be due to the same reason a cloud of smoke swirls and dissipates in the air or why the universe is expanding—it could be because of entropy.

Northwestern Material Science Startup Advances to 2017 DOE CleantechUP Competition

February 24, 2017   Pitching to a panel of energy innovators at the 2017 Midwest CleantechUP competition was nothing new to Purpled, a Northwestern material science startup championing a compact, convenient, and cost-effective way to disinfect water.

Engineering Your Pitch: Insights From A Cornerstone Angels Meeting

January 24, 2017   If you’re vying for early investment money, what’s said behind closed doors can make or break a deal.

Farley Center, Nuvention Courses, Highlighted in Dean Ottino's Award 

January 23, 2017   Dean Ottino's recent Bernard M. Gordon Prize recognizes his continued support of the entrepreneurship, the Farley Center and our Nuvention courses.

In Memoriam: Nancy Jo Farley (1930-2017)

January 18, 2017   A message from the Farley Center in memory of Nancy Jo Farley.

Student Entrepreneurs Ignite Their Ideas At Wildfire

January 5, 2017   The Garage's Pre-accelerator program is pairing with the Farley Center's Radical Entrepreneurship course, to help student entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to the next level.

Blending Art And Business To Develop Next-Gen Ideas

December 19, 2016   NUvention: Arts (ENTREP 495) shows students what it takes to launch a company in the age of digital disruption.

Closing the Digital Divide - A Q&A With Mary Lou Song

December 19, 2016   Mary Lou Song is the CEO & co-founder of FuelX, a direct response video targeting company and a Farley Center advisory board member. Song sat down with Medill graduate student, Reedhima Mandlik, to share her ideas on building career paths, on what students should look for to succeed, and on finding happiness in work and in life.

Disruptive Innovation In The Marketplace

December 19, 2016   NUvention: Transportation (ENTREP 450) professor and Farley Center Co-Director, Mark Werwath, shares his thoughts on disruptive technology and what it needs to succeed in the mass marketplace.

Farley's Startup Accounting Course Is Designed for the Entrepreneur

December 19, 2016   This course's focus, from day one, is to strip away much of the tedium and monotony associated with accounting, and provide a unique spin on how accounting fits into the life of an entrepreneur.

The Ninth Annual Momentum Awards: Celebrating Chicago's Entrepreneurial Momentum

November 8, 2016   The 2016 Momentum Awards, at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, honored the entrepreneurial momentum that’s been building in Chicago since 1871 - a year that holds significant culture and historical ramifications for the city.

Cultural Tourism Through VR

November 8, 2016   Reedhima Mandlik, NU '17, attended the "Explore Your World in VR with CyArk: Exploratorium After Dark" event in San Francisco. Read her review.

Find Your Calling In Life – Be An Entrepreneur

November 8, 2016   There has never been a better time than now to become an entrepreneur. Thanks to the growth of the Internet and the power of technology and global connectivity, a great product or idea can come from anywhere, anyone and at any time.

Bringing Technology to DIY

October 5, 2016   Reedhima Mandlik, NU '17, walked, literally, into the realm of virtual reality during her visit to Brit + Co.'s Re:Make expo in San Francisco, California.

Farley's Director, Michael Marasco, Named to VentureWell's Board

October 5, 2016   Northwestern University’s partnership with VentureWell just got stronger. Michael Marasco, director of NU’s Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, has been named a VentureWell board member.

Tinker. Tailor. Entrepreneur.

October 5, 2016   Creating custom innovations for his dual-loves, hiking and photographer, led Northwestern Engineer, Jacob Morgan, NU '18, to design a new major that focuses on entrepreneurship.

Electric car battery startup SiNode gets a charge from the Big Three

July 25, 2016   SiNode Systems, one of the most promising spinouts from Northwestern University, got a big shot in the arm from the Big Three.

Farley Center 2015-2016 Year in Review

June 27, 2016   The Farley Center engaged hundreds of students, alumni and faculty through courses and events this past year. Here are some highlights.

Farley Center News

Startup Accounting: A Sneak Peek of New Course

June 2, 2016   Two startup accounting veterans give a preview of what to expect from their class. How you crunch your numbers matters hugely to the success of your business, they said.

Farley Co-directors Spotlight NUvention Course Offerings

May 18, 2016   Center co-directors Mike Marasco and Mark Werwath held an information session about the NUvention program's offerings. Applications for these experiential, interdisciplinary, mentor-based courses are now live.

Amper Revamps Energy Consumer Experiences

May 6, 2016   Clean energy start-up enables clients to understand their energy usage on a per-appliance basis.

Innovative Food Service Foodrop to Be Launched by Students

April 8, 2016   NUvention Web + Media students perfect a streamlined new food delivery service, Foodrop, set to debut in May. The service requires no minimum order amount or delivery fee.

NUvention: Energy Students Embrace Clean Tech with Sustainable Startups

March 11, 2016   Ampér, FerraPower among 10 teams that pitched their clean energy businesses on March 8

NUvention Students Pitch Medical Technologies

March 10, 2016   On March 9, students pitched their ideas and business plans

Steve Olechowski Breaks Down Sports Social Media

February 25, 2016   Professor Olechowski, CEO of Blinkfire Analytics, harnesses social media to assess the value of sports logos, teams and star athletes.

Dean's Seminar Series: Howard Tullman Predicts Future Tech Trends

February 1, 2016   Tillman talks industry trends like saving time, customization, attention as currency, and more.

Northwestern Alum Makes Forbes 30-Under-30 List

January 7, 2016   Audrey Cheng, co-founder of Moringa School, has been recognized by Forbes as one of the top 30 entrepreneurs in social entrepreneurship under the age of 30.

NUvention: Energy Alum Makes Forbes 30-Under-30 List

January 6, 2016   Cary Hayner, co-founder of SiNode Systems, has been recognized by Forbes as one of the top 30 entrepreneurs in energy under the age of 30.

WildHacks 2015 Gathers Student IT Brains in Chicago Area

November 23, 2015   North by Northwestern covers WildHacks 2015.

Xbox Creator Visits Northwestern, Talks Journey of Creating the Xbox

November 19, 2015   Read The Daily Northwestern article covering our e@nu Speaker Series with gaming console guru Robbie Bach.

Farley Center News

Hewlett Packard VP Talks E‑Commerce at Northwestern

November 13, 2015   Read The Daily Northwestern article covering our e@nu speaker series with HP's Alex Kazim.

A Look Into Gregg Latterman

October 12, 2015   When Gregg Latterman arrived at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for his first day on the job as a CPA, he had no idea that in just a few years he would be the CEO of his own record label.

Farley Center Alums Recognized as Top, Young Entrepreneurs in Chicago

October 12, 2015   Founders of SwipeSense and 89 Robotics are recognized as successful entrepreneurs in Chicago under the age of 25.

Marasco on the State of Chicago Startups

October 7, 2015   Farley Director, Mike Marasco, chimes in a discussion on why Chicago tech start ups keep getting acquired in an article by Crain's.

Marasco Talks About the Chicago Cubs

October 5, 2015   With the Cubs heading to the offseason, Farley Director, Mike Marasco, talks about why they are so successful right now.

Veteran Venture Capitalist Peter McNerney to Teach NUvention: Medical

August 19, 2015   "Pete McNerney, a longtime venture capitalist and brother of Boeing CEO Jim McNerney, will be helping to lead the NUvention medical program," Crain's Chicago Business reports.

VIDEO: Chicagoan Invents Wine Purifier to Help With Headaches

August 3, 2015   NBC Chicago's Charlie Wojciechowski introduces Ullo as a brand new wine purifier that removes sulfites from wines.

YALI REFLECTION: Four Indelible Phrases from a Journey in Entrepreneurship

July 30, 2015   Mandela Washington Fellow Tangai Murangari pares down his six-week journey to four lessons in life and entrepreneurship.

YALI REFLECTION: "Mature, Fierce and Passionate" Youth Leave an Impression

July 30, 2015   Mandela Washington Fellow Adrienne Andriantsialonina shares her inspiring experience volunteering with and learning from Chicago youth.

Naurex, Founded by Joseph Moskal, to be Acquired by Allergan

July 29, 2015   Farley Fellow Joseph Moskal is the chief scientific officer of Naurex, which will be acquired by Allergan for $560 million.

YALI REFLECTION: Clear It: A Lesson from Northwestern University Football

July 29, 2015   Mandela Washington Fellow Patience Chisanga shares entrepreneurship lessons from Northwestern varsity coaches.

Getting Rid of the Sulfites in Your Wine

July 15, 2015   Ullo Founder James Kornacki talks to Fox business about his product that removes sulfites from wine.

Farley Center News

Farley Center's 2014-2015 Year in Tweets

June 22, 2015   It's been a fantastic year for us and we're so grateful for everyone who joined us. Take a look at some of the highlights of the 2014-2015 academic year.

NUvention: Web + Media Students Showcase Web-Based Startups

June 15, 2015   BabyNinja, BarLift among the eight projects presented before NUvention’s board of advisors

Farley Center News

NUvention: Analytics Final Pitches 2015

June 15, 2015   NUvention: Analytics students delivered their final pitches for business ideas surrounding new analytic technologies.

Interdisciplinary Teams Win Big at Venture Challenge

June 9, 2015   Grand prize-winner OpticentHealth based on research from Professors Hao Zhang and Cheng Sun

NUvention: Web + Media Final Pitches 2015

June 9, 2015   After 28 classes, NUvention: Web + Media teams delivered final pitches for their innovative startup ideas.

OpticentHealth, Tech That Detects Eye Problems Early, Wins Northwestern's Venture Challenge

June 5, 2015   Chicago Inno reports on the seventh annual Northwestern University Venture Challenge.

Farley Center News

NUvention: Arts Final Pitches 2015

June 5, 2015   Students of the inaugural NUvention: Arts course delivered pitches for startup ideas for the music and fashion industries, education non-profits and more.

Farley Center News

NUvention: Impact 2015 - Final Pitches

June 3, 2015   After two quarters of hard work, the NUvention: Impact teams presented their final pitches. Learn about their innovative ideas for social change and the greater good.

In Memory of Tarik Clarke

May 29, 2015   Tarik Clarke was a beloved member of the Farley team. It's rare to find such an amiable and caring coworker, and he will be sorely missed.

Farley Center News

Entrepreneurial Spirit Takes Center Stage in Venture Challenge

May 29, 2015   Students to pitch their startup ideas to venture capitalists for money and mentorship

Farley Center Director, Mike Marasco, on Kickstarter Projects Having Trouble Getting Started

May 27, 2015   Marasco shares his take on troubled Kickstarter campaigns with Crain's Chicago Business.

Tejas Shastry of Ampy on Bootstrapping in America

May 21, 2015   Take a look at this interview of Tejas Shastry, the co-founder and CEO of Ampy. His company makes a wearable device that charges your USB-powered device and they've raised $300,000 on Kickstarter with a goal of $100,000, and have won over $250,000 in competitions around the country.

NUvention: Web + Media Team Blog on Medium about Building Their Startup

May 20, 2015   The founders of Tellascope, a NUvention: Web + Media team, talk about their experiences and takeaways on building a media startup.

Farley Center News

Alok Choudhary Demonstrates Engineering’s Impact on Marketing at Farley Fellows Seminar

May 19, 2015   Choudhary, Henry and Isabelle Dever Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the McCormick School of Engineering, discussed how his startup achieved prominence as part of the Farley Fellows Seminar Series, where entrepreneurship-minded Northwestern faculty speak about their efforts to create companies.

Farley Center News

Farley Fellows Lecture Series: Alok Choudhary

May 18, 2015   Our newest Farley Fellow, Alok Choudhary, joined us for a talk on entrepreneurship.

Former NUvention: Nano Team Ullo Is Purifying Our Wine

May 13, 2015   Ullo, a NUvention: Nano team from Fall 2014, is taking potentially harmful sulfites out of wine and is gaining widespread attention while doing it.

Farley Center News

e@nu Speaker Series: Al Goldstein on How to Dream Big

May 6, 2015   CEO of Avant, one of Chicago's next billion dollar startups, Al Goldstein, joined the e@nu speaker series to talk about the history behind his success.

Farley Center News

Choudhary, Moskal to Discuss Entrepreneurship in Farley Fellows Lecture Series

May 5, 2015   Professors Alok Choudhary and Joseph Moskal will speak about their entrepreneurship experiences during two upcoming Farley Fellow Seminars.

Farley Center News

Avant CEO Talks Chicago Entrepreneurship

May 5, 2015   The co-founder and CEO of online consumer lender Avant spoke Tuesday at Northwestern about what it means to be an entrepreneur in Chicago.

Farley Center News

Author, Alumnus Ben Parr Discusses Getting People’s Attention

April 23, 2015   See the Daily Northwestern article on Ben Parr's explanation of the science behind getting people’s attention in the e@nu Speaker Series hosted by the Farley Center.

Farley Center News

e@nu Speaker Series: Ben Parr Captures Our Attention

April 23, 2015   Northwestern alum Ben Parr joined the e@nu speaker series to explain the science behind getting people's attention, the subject of his new book. Check out tweets from his talk.

Farley Center News

Startup Career Fair 2015

April 20, 2015   Check out stats on the latest Startup Career Fair.

Farley Center News

Why Northwestern's Engineering School Boasts So Many Startups

April 9, 2015   Crain's Chicago profiles Farley Center director Mike Marasco.

Farley Center News

e@nu Speaker Series: Sam Barnett

April 8, 2015   Our tweetable recap highlights the eager, thoughtful and brilliant perspective of our latest e@nu speaker, the 25-year-old founder and CEO of SBB Research Group, Sam Barnett.

Farley Center News

A Trip to VentureWell & Healthy Perspective on Entrepreneurship Education at NU

March 27, 2015   Farley's assistant director Caitlin Smith reflects on her first trip to VentureWell Open, a two-day conference for practitioners of technology entrepreneurship in higher education.

Farley Center News

NUvention: Energy Winter 2015 Pitches

March 25, 2015   Students delivered their final pitches of the course in NUvention: Energy. Check out tweets of their presentations.

Farley Center News

NUvention: Medical Winter 2015 Pitches

March 25, 2015   Students delivered their final pitches of the NUvention: Medical course. Check out tweets of their presentations.

Farley Center News

NUvention: Web + Media Winter 2015 Pitches

March 10, 2015   More than 60 students across 11 teams capped off an intense first quarter of NUvention: Web + Media. Check out our tweets recapping their final presentation day.

Farley Center News

Farley Faculty and Advisory Board Member Brad Morehead Sells LiveWatch Security for $67 Milllion

February 27, 2015   Brad Morehead is the CEO of LiveWatch, a wireless home security company, which was acquired by Monitronics this week.

Farley Center News

New in NUvention: Impact

February 24, 2015   Professor Mark Werwath brings the influence of NUvention: Impact back home to lead students in local social ventures.

Farley Center News

Female Founders Conference Tweetable Recap

February 23, 2015   EPIC co-president Suzee Han shares tweets from Y Combinators Female Founders Conference in San Francisco.

Farley Center News

Mike Marasco Comments on Top Business Incubator Opening in Skokie's Illinois Science Park

February 3, 2015   Skokie's Illinois Science + Technology Park introduced its new business incubator in a packed grand opening.

Farley Center News

Northwestern University Among the Top Schools Driving Illinois' Entreprenuerial Growth

January 27, 2015   NU and University of Chicago accounted for two-thirds of all startups created in Illinois since 2010.

Farley Center News

SwipeSense Makes Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs List

January 7, 2015   NU alums Mert Iseri and Yuri Malina are cofounders of SwipeSense.

Farley Center News

A Billion in VC Funding Is Real Money for Chicago

January 7, 2015   Farley Center director Mike Marasco comments on whether Chicago is a new coast of VC funding in Crain's Chicago Business article.

AMPY Makes Forbes 30 Under 30 Energy List

January 7, 2015   NU alums Tejas Shastry, Alex Smith and Mike Geier are cofounders of AMPY.

Farley Center News

PayPal Cofounder Encourages Students to Seek Secrets, Build Monopolies

December 9, 2014   Hosted by the Farley Center, entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel spoke to students during a visit on Dec. 8

Farley Center News

Naurex Raises $80 Million

December 4, 2014   The biopharma startup from Northwestern landed a huge investment for final trials of a drug for severe depression.

Farley Center News

PayPal Founder to Speak About the Future of Progress at e@nu Speaker Series

December 3, 2014   Entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel will visit campus Monday, Dec. 8

Farley Center News

NuCurrent, Molex Announce Deal on Wireless Charging Technology

December 3, 2014   The NUvention alums of NuCurrent are looking to embed its antenna technology into a growing number of mobile devices

Farley Center News

Saeed Amidi Talks Finding the Next Billion-Dollar Startup

December 2, 2014   Our third e@nu speaker, founder of Plug and Play Saeed Amidi, revealed his best and worst choices as an investor and what he looks for in startups.

Farley Center News

WildHacks, Northwestern’s Largest Intercollegiate Hackathon, Hits Campus

December 1, 2014   More than 400 hackers from Midwest universities pulled an all-nighter to prototype ideas and vie for the top prizes.

Farley Center News

Wildhacks, Northwestern’s Largest Intercollegiate Hackathon, Hits Campus

November 25, 2014   The event had 413 participants from across the United States

Farley Center News

College Hackers to Descend on Northwestern

November 21, 2014   Crain's Chicago Business reports on the upcoming WildHacks event hosted by the EPIC student group.

Farley Center News

Shazam: Avery Wang Presents a Journey to Discovery

November 19, 2014   Shazam's chief scientist, Avery Wang, details the evolution of his wildly popular song identification app from the early call-in days to its present-day ubiquity.

Farley Center News

Farley Center Director Mike Marasco Comments on What Colleges Can Teach Entrepreneurs in WSJ

November 3, 2014   The Wall Street Journal article on how to use higher education to get ready to start a business includes quotation from Mike Marasco.

Farley Center News

Insight Product Development Gives Northwestern University Students Foundation for Innovation Success

October 30, 2014   As part of a two-hour on-site class, Insight gave master’s program students from the University’s Kellogg school of business, McCormick School of Engineering, medical and law schools an introductory overview of Insight’s approach to aligning business needs with user needs, and developing medical devices from concept feasibility through technology viability.

Farley Center News

NUvention: Medical Alums of NUCurrent Get a Charge

October 21, 2014   NuCurrent Inc., a Chicago startup that's trying to become the leader in wirelessly charging consumer electronics, just raised $3.5 million.

Farley Center News

Mary Lou Song Kicks Off the e@nu Speaker Series

October 21, 2014   Serial entrepreneur and NU alumna Mary Lou Song reveals why you should work for a startup before you're 30.

Farley Center News

Syndio Social Wins Piranha Tank Pitch Contest

October 16, 2014   The NU alums won $60,000 in Microsoft services.

Farley Center News

AMPY's Having Stellar Success

October 16, 2014   AMPY, formerly known as myPower, is celebrating stellar Kickstarter success, reaching its goal in just 3 days!

Farley Center News

Three Runners Wearing AMPY Complete The Chicago Marathon

October 13, 2014   Three runners completed the Chicago Marathon with their very own AMPY (formerly MyPower) and collectively generated over 40 hours of smartphone battery life.

Farley Center News

AMPY Reaches Its Goal and Will Be Used In The Chicago Marathon

October 11, 2014   AMPY, formerly MyPower, reaches its $100,000 fundraising goal. Three runners participating in this year's Chicago Marathon will be running with their own AMPY prototype.

Farley Center News

Farley Director Michael Marasco Named to Crain’s “Tech 50 for 2014”

September 22, 2014   Mike Marasco is recognized for the Farley Center's entrepreneurial success.

Farley Center News

Blinkfire Raises $1 Million from Venture Backers

September 17, 2014   Blinkfire Analytics, a startup launched by NUvention: Web advisory board member Steve Olechowski, has raised $1 million in venture funding.

Farley Center News

NU Startup Syndio Social Is one of Entrepreneur Magazine's "Top 30 Startups to Watch"

September 16, 2014   Zachary Johnson, an alum of the Farley Center's engineering entrepreneurship course and the NU incubator, is taking Syndio Social to the frontier of social data management.

Farley Center News

Farley's 2013 - 2014 Course Highlights Infographic

September 15, 2014   Check out our breakdown of the students who explored our entrepreneurship courses in 2013-2014.

Farley Center News

Apple Watch Hits Home for NUvention: Medical Startup NUcurrent

September 11, 2014   The Apple Watch could bolster business for NUcurrent, which relies on wireless-charging technology.

Farley Center News

IEMS Is Number 5 in the U.S. News & World Report College Ranking List

September 10, 2014   The program moved up from its seventh place ranking in the U.S. News & World Report for top industrial/manufacturing programs.

Farley Center News

4 Chicago-Area University Entrepreneurship Centers to Know This Fall

September 2, 2014   The Farley Center has been named one of the entrepreneurship centers to watch this fall for its upcoming speaker series.

Farley Center News

Company from NU's Incubator Gives Employees Same Title and Salary

August 27, 2014   Datascope Analytics, which started in the NU Incubator, shares how its flat organizational structure promotes creativity, leadership

Farley Center News

YALI Alumnus Lawrence Alaba Afere Is Empowering Nigerian Youths to Build “Nigeria's WholeFoods”

August 18, 2014   As the founder/director of Springboard Entrepreneurship Development Initiative, Lawrence Alaba Afere develops entrepreneurship, jobs & wealth creation and agricultural programs for unemployed and marginalized youth in Ondo State, Nigeria.

Farley Center News

Spotlight on YALI Fellow Kader Kaneye

July 28, 2014   For six weeks of summer 2014, the Farley Center along with Northwestern’s Program of African Studies and the Center for Leadership hosted 25 professionals of the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). We sat down with Kader "Kad" Kaneye, a management consultant from Niger, who shared key lessons from his YALI experience.

Farley Center News

Spotlight on YALI Fellow Khanyi Magubane

July 25, 2014   For six weeks of summer 2014, the Farley Center along with Northwestern’s Program of African Studies and the Center for Leadership hosted 25 professionals of the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). We sat down with Khanyi Magubane, a journalist and documentary filmmaker from South Africa, who shared key lessons from her YALI experience.

Farley Center News

NUvention: Analytics

July 21, 2014   NUvention: Analytics, a course for building businesses around analytics technologies, was offered for the first time this past spring. Twenty-two students enrolled and others audited the inaugural course, which was years in the making.

Farley Center News

Powering Up African Entrepreneurship

July 17, 2014   Leadership initiative brings together unlikely University partners.

Farley Center News

NUvention: Web Alum on Becoming a Digital Innovator at Kellogg

July 15, 2014   Westin Hatch reflects on changing the way students can take notes at Kellogg.

Farley Center News

NUvention: Medical Startup UroProx Receives NCIIA Stage 1 Funding

June 29, 2014   UroProx will receive $5,000 in Stage 1 funding from the NCIIA's E-Team Program.

Farley Center News

Young African Leaders Gain Entrepreneurship, Leadership Skills

June 26, 2014   Government program brings promising leaders to Northwestern, other campuses

Farley Center News

NU Startup Changing the Lives of Prisoners

June 26, 2014   A Chicago startup founded by Northwestern alums is changing the lives of millions of prisoners with tablet-based education

Farley Center News

INVO Welcomes 2014 I2C Fellows

June 23, 2014   Student fellows will work with two NUvention: Medical startups: Innoblative Designs, Inc. and Sintact Medical Systems, LLC.

Farley Center News

Farley Fellow Chad Mirkin Gets Backing from Bill Gates

June 20, 2014   AuraSense Therapeutics, co-founded by Mirkin, has attracted an impressive roster of backers, including Bill Gates and Google's Eric Schmidt.

Farley Center News

NU Startup Tripnary Raises $150,000 To Make Planning Your Next Adventure Easy

June 19, 2014   Founder and NU alum Abhishek Ghuwalewala says they're excited about the recent funding and hope to raise additional funds to close the seed round in the near future.

Farley Center News

Farley Center Director Mike Marasco Named Among Chicago's Techweek100

June 17, 2014   Check out the full list of this year's honorees, which includes Farley advisory board members and NU alumni.

Farley Center News

SiNode Receives $2 Million from the Department of Energy

June 17, 2014   Sinode is one of 14 small businesses being rewarded a collective $15 million to bring their technologies to market.

Farley Center News

NUvention: Web Students Present Web-Based Startups

June 11, 2014   Highlights from the NUvention: Web course include Divit and VetCompare

Farley Center News

Page Vault's Court Evidence Tool Wins Northwestern's Venture Competition

June 10, 2014   The founders of Page Vault, a tool for lawyers to securely capture web evidence to use in court, walked off with $26,000 as the winner of the sixth annual Northwestern University Venture Competition (NUVC).

Farley Center News

Smart Data, Clean Tech

June 10, 2014   MeterGenius brings cleantech to electricity companies and the Midwest

Farley Center News

NUvention: Web Final Pitches 2014

June 10, 2014   After two-quarters of hard work, the teams make their final pitches for their startup ideas.

Farley Center News

Joseph Moskal Talks Failure and Success at Farley Fellows Seminar

June 8, 2014   Moskal worked tirelessly for 30 years before finding success in biotech

Farley Center News

Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs at NU

June 6, 2014   Restaurateur Lawrence F. Levy and digital startup guru Howard Tullman give NU student startups advice.

Farley Center News

Page Vault Leads the Way at Northwestern University Venture Challenge

June 6, 2014   Page Vault, a company that allows lawyers to securely capture, document and preserve content online in a way that makes it admissible in court took top honors at the Northwestern University Venture Challenge business-pitch competition.

Farley Center News

NU Alum and Former NUvention: Web Speaker Alex White Brings Analytics to Publishing

May 28, 2014   Alex White's Next Big Sound is bringing its data analytics to book sales, with Next Big Book. It has also struck a partnership with Macmillan.

Farley Center News

Engineering and Entrepreneurial Law Being Offered for the First Time

May 28, 2014   The inaugural offering of engineering and entrepreneurial law will be held this summer and taught by Howard Rockman of Rockman IP.Full Post

Farley Center News

Naurex Founder Joseph Moskal to Give Farley Fellows Talk

May 21, 2014   On Wednesday June 4, McCormick’s Joseph Moskal will discuss his journey of creating a successful biotech company.

Farley Center News

Student Startup Divit Is Solving Roommates' Peskiest Problem: Paying the Bills

May 20, 2014   NUvention: Web startup entered the burgeoning field of expense-sharing solutions for roommates with its release in the iTunes App Store Built in Chicago reports

Farley Center News

NUvention Impact Blog Series

May 14, 2014   NUvention: Impact students reflect on their experiences around the world and talk about their takeaways.

Farley Center News

Food Desert: What’s in a Name?

May 8, 2014   The NUvention: Impact Chicago team took social entrepreneurial ambitions to communities geographically close by, but still a world apart from our comfortable homes in Evanston.

Farley Center News

Northwestern Entrepreneurs Mert Iseri and Yuri Molina Named Among Twenty in Their 20s

May 7, 2014   Crain's introduces 20 locals who are making their mark on their respective industries – and whose names you should know now.

Farley Center News

Recap and Reflections - Panama

May 6, 2014   NUvention: Impact students reflect on their time in Panama, working to research and refine their business idea for a resume database for housekeepers.

Farley Center News

Plug and Play and Farley Search for Five Chicago Startups

May 1, 2014   Plug and Play, a Silicon Valley accelerator, teams up with Farley Center director Mike Marasco and Farley faculty member Steve Olechowski to find five Chicago startups to participate in a 10-week class forming in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Farley Center News

The Life of Field Researchers in India – Our Five Takeaways So Far…

May 1, 2014   NUvention: Impact students share their experiential learning experience in India, where they worked to identify social/environmental challenges faced in the country and opportunities for a sustainable business that can address these issues.

Farley Center News

NUvention: Web Launch 2014

April 30, 2014   Students of NUvention: Web showcased the latest iterations of their product ideas to Northwestern faculty, students and staff in the Ford Studio Space

Farley Center News

Northwestern Hosts Entrepreneurial Conference Featuring Workshops and Speakers

April 28, 2014   The Daily Northwestern reports on entrepreneur@nu 2014.

Farley Center News

Entrepreneur@NU Conference Explores Future of Entrepreneurship

April 28, 2014   Keynote presentations from Ben Parr and Norbert Riedel highlight the characteristics of successful startups

Farley Center News

Mashable Editor Turns VC Investor But Still Aims to Capture Attention

April 28, 2014   Blue Sky covers e@nu keynote speaker Ben Parr.

Farley Center News

Recharge Your iPhone Without Batteries or a Power Cord

April 17, 2014   As part of a class project last spring, three Northwestern University PhD students dreamed up a shoe insert that would harvest kinetic energy and charge mobile phones.

Farley Center News

Northwestern Plans Collaborative Startup Space for Student Entrepreneurs

April 9, 2014   Two Northwestern trustees are donating $4 million to fund an incubator space for NU startups called the Garage, slated to open next fall.

Farley Center News

Two Northwestern Teams Cumulatively Win $100,000 at Prestigious Cleantech Business Plan Competition

April 8, 2014   MeterGenius awarded $25,000 McCaffery Interest Prize; myPower awarded $75,000 Clean Energy Trust Consumer Favorite Prize

Farley Center News

Entrepreneurship Conference to Explore the ‘Next Frontiers’

April 8, 2014   Last year's Entrepreneur@NU conference focused on the theme, 'Pivot to Success.' This year's conference will explore, 'Next Frontiers.' Ben Parr and Norbert Riedel will deliver keynote speeches.

Farley Center News

Adaptly CEO on Advertising Using Social Media

April 8, 2014   Nikhil Sethi, chief executive officer and co-founder of Adaptly Inc., discusses advertising using social media. He spoke yesterday with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Farley Center News

Energy Tech Startups

April 7, 2014   We sit down with Jason Blumberg, the CEO of the Energy Foundry, a venture capital fund established as part of the $3.2 billion smart grid law that aims to invest in technology companies that will transform the energy landscape.

Farley Center News

Northwestern students win $75,000 for device that recharges smartphones

April 6, 2014   A device that uses kinetic energy to recharge smartphone batteries, invented by three students at Northwestern University, won a $75,000 award at Thursday's Clean Energy Trust Competition. Called myPower, the device can generate up to six hours of life for a smartphone battery. Lightweight, it connects with a smartphone via cable.

Farley Center News

Farley Fellow Milan Mrksch and Team Break New Ground in Medicine, Energy

April 2, 2014   Northwestern scientists engineer living systems to tackle global problems

Farley Center News

EPIC, University Career Services Hold Startup Job Fair

April 2, 2014   Northwestern held its first ever Startup Career Fair on Wednesday, attracting about 600 undergraduate and graduate students.

Farley Center News

How NuCurrent's Plugging Into the Wireless-Charging Market

March 26, 2014   NUvention: Medical alums Jacob Babcock and Vinit Singh now have a positive revenue stream for their startup, NuCurrent, which designs custom wireless-charging antennas for a flat fee, then licenses them for a royalty on sales of each device that uses them.

Farley Center News

Winter Pitches 2014

March 24, 2014   Students in the Farley Center’s entrepreneurship courses had the opportunity to pitch their startup ideas to a range of leading entrepreneurs and venture capitalists at the end of the Winter 2014 quarter.

Farley Center News

EPIC Live Tweets from NCIIA

March 24, 2014   On March 21-22, student leaders from EPIC and faculty members of the Farley Center attended the annual NCIIA OPEN conference in San Jose Calif. focused on entrepreneurship in higher education.

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NUvention: Energy Alums and Clean Energy Challenge Finalists Visit CLTV

March 19, 2014   Alex Smith, cofounder of myPower, and Hillary Hass of MeterGenius visit CLTV to discuss their innovative startups which are finalists in Chicago’s Clean Energy Challenge.

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Ryan, Ferro to Donate $4 Million to Launch Northwestern Incubator

March 18, 2014   A pair of veteran Chicago tech entrepreneurs are helping bankroll a startup incubator launching later this year at Northwestern University. NU trustees Michael Ferro Jr. and Pat Ryan Jr. each are donating $2 million to help fund the Garage, a space for Northwestern students to turn their ideas into startup companies.

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SiNode Raises Seed Funding To Give Batteries More Juice

March 13, 2014   Using a technology developed at Chicago’s Northwestern University, SiNode is trying to update the anode material used inside the lithium ion batteries that power everything from power tools, to laptops, cellphones, and tablets, to electric cars.

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NUvention: Web Winter 2014 Pitches

March 13, 2014   This year's NUvention: Web teams delivered pitches and showcased functional prototypes to more than a dozen venture capitalists and entrepreneurs March 11 in Jacobs Hall on Northwestern University’s Evanston campus.

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NUvention Web Student Entrepreneurs Rev Up Business Models with Content

March 12, 2014   Over 50 students completed their first round of pitches Tuesday in front of 15 Advisory Board members (like Steve Olechowski of Blinkfire Labs) as a part of NUvention Web, Northwestern’s entrepreneurship course that turns students loose to build, pitch and launch their own digital companies.

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Making the Impossible Possible: Professors’ Companies Fight Cancer, Tackle Big Data

February 27, 2014   Professors Vadim Backman and Larry Birnbaum speak about entrepreneurship at Farley Fellows Seminar

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Mike McGee on The Starter League's Story

February 25, 2014   Cofounder of The Starter League and Northwestern alum Mike McGee checked in to the eDTC seminar series to share his journey in successfully bootstrapping a startup for people who want to learn to code.

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Reddit Co-Founder Talks Entrepreneurship, Innovation

February 19, 2014   The EPIC student group hosted Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit online community. The 30-year-old entrepreneur shared his “personal guidebook as to how other aspiring entrepreneurs can follow in his footsteps."

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Farley Fellow Chad Mirkin and Professor Sarah Petrosko Are the People's Choice

February 13, 2014   Professors Chad Mirkin and Sarah Petrosko won the People's Choice award in the National Science Foundation's science visualization contest for a video on their work creating spherical nucleic acids, pieces of DNA packed around a nanoparticle core that can be used in gene therapy.

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Faculty Discuss Startups in Farley Fellows Lecture Series

February 13, 2014   Vadim Backman and Larry Birnbaum will discuss entrepreneurship lessons on February 26

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NUvention: Energy Alums of MeterGenius Win Illinois Clean Energy Challenge

February 3, 2014   Congratulations to NUvention: Energy alumni of MeterGenius energy-saving software for their first-place win at the Illinois Clean Energy Student Challenge 2014, a state-level business competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Mike Marasco on Lenovo's Purchase of Motorola from Google

January 30, 2014   Farley Center director Mike Marasco shares his opinion on Motorola's move from Google to Lenovo. Could it be an upgrade? And for whom? Get his take in Crain's Chicago Business.

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EPIC Accepted to NCIIA's Poster Session

January 29, 2014   NU's EPIC student group will be among dozens of entrepreneurial groups chosen to participate in this year's NCIIA conference poster session to network, learn about new projects, and tell people about their work on campus.

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Design Studio in Ford Offers New Option for Collaborative Learning

January 27, 2014   Engineering, design, and entrepreneurship students have a new gathering place in the Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center

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Bringing Content Strategy to Startups

January 13, 2014   NUvention: Web is new and improved with contributions from Medill professors on content strategy for startups.

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Sinode Systems Featured in Chicago Tribune's Blue Sky Innovation

January 7, 2014   "The lessons learned together as a small startup called SiNode Systems could serve as a weathervane for the winds propelling other innovative materials companies," James Janega writes.

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Mike Moyer: The Right Way to Dole Out Equity to New Recruits

January 7, 2014   Many entrepreneurs think that offering equity in lieu of cash is the right approach—and it is, but how much is fair?

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Forbes 30 Under 30 in Media

January 6, 2014   Northwestern alums Nikhil Sethi and Garret Ullom are among those named by Forbes for building the media companies of tomorrow.

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Big Ideas for 2014 Features SiNode Systems CEO and NUvention: Energy Board Member

January 3, 2014   The Blue Sky Innovation Team makes predictions about the brightest ideas of 2014 and features Amy Francetic, CEO, Clean Energy Trust and Samir S. Mayekar, CEO, SiNode Systems.

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Northwestern University Chosen to Host Young African Leaders Initiative

December 18, 2013   Working with the University’s Center for Leadership and its Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Program of African Studies will host 50 YALI fellows for five summers, beginning 2014.

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NUvention: Nano's Inaugural Class Gives Final Presentations

December 11, 2013   Students of the first NUvention: Nanotechnology class delivered their final presentations after spending a quarter determining viable business models for technologies developed by Northwestern faculty.

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2013 E@NU Keynote Speaker Featured in Northwestern Magazine

December 10, 2013   Serial entrepreneur and Northwestern alum Gary Kremen is "the first online matchmaker."

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Venturing Out

December 4, 2013   Entrepreneurship courses launch startups into the marketplace—and they’re making it.

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'myPower' Collects Your Kinetic Energy To Charge Your Phone

November 27, 2013   In addition to all the health-inspired devices, apps and gadgets out there, the NUvention Energy class at the Northwestern University in Illinois has recently invented a gadget called 'myPower' that can be carried around with users while they run.

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Farley Center Launches Monthly Newsletter

November 19, 2013   Stay updated on all the latest news and announcements from the Farley Center through our monthly newsletter.

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Starting Your Startup: Professors Discuss Methods for Getting Up and Running

November 15, 2013   Chad Mirkin and Milan Mrksich present the final Farley Fellows entrepreneurship seminar of fall quarter

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Startups from scratch

November 14, 2013   Catch up on the excitement of StartupNU 2013 where students went from idea to business plan in two days.

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Embracing the Millennials’ Mind-Set at Work

November 12, 2013   Farley Center director Mike Marasco helps answer the question are millennials about to fundamentally change companies for the better in an article from The New York Times.

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StartupNU kicks off search for interdisciplinary NUvention teams

November 11, 2013   On Saturday (Nov. 9) morning, 125 Northwestern students pitched 70 ideas; 48 hours later, three teams were named winners of StartupNU.

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myPower Takes Top Honor in Challenge Cup

November 6, 2013   Former NUvention Energy team myPower wins 1776 Challenge Cup for their device for runners that captures kinetic energy.

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Healthcare startup SwipeSense looks good to win WSJ’s Startup of the Year

November 1, 2013   SwipeSense, a graduate of the Healthbox digital health incubator in Chicago, is leading in audience voting for WSJ's startup of the year competition.

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‘You Will Have an Adventure’: Lecture Series Spotlights Medical, Robotics Startups

October 31, 2013   Mechanical engineer Ed Colgate, surgeon David Mahvi speak at second Farley Fellows Seminar

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Here's who won 2013's Chicago Innovation Awards

October 31, 2013   Nearly two dozen companies received Chicago Innovation Awards last evening in the competition's 12th year. SwipeSense, co-founded by Northwestern alums Yuri Malina and Mert Iseri, was recognized as an up and coming company.

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Two Spin-off Companies Spotlighted by Science Coalition

October 30, 2013   American BioOptics, a company cofounded by Farley Fellow Vadim Backman has been spotlighted in a new national report issued this week (Oct. 29) by The Science Coalition

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Northwestern Faculty Discuss Startups in Farley Fellows Lecture Series

October 30, 2013   Chad Mirkin and Milan Mrksich to discuss entrepreneurship in November 12 lecture

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MBA aversion: The tech world's got a budding case of it — and that's not good

October 22, 2013   Farley Center director Mike Marasco writes Crain's Chicago Business op-ed on an anti-MBA culture rising in the tech entrepreneurship space.

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Young Northwestern Alumna Wins Startup Competition, Praise from Warren Buffett

October 21, 2013   Hannah Chung delivers top pitch at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit. Hannah and co-founder Aaron Horowitz, a NUvention web alum, co-created an educational toy for children with diabetes.

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The Road to Success: Lecture Series Kicks Off with Stories of Two Sold Startups

October 17, 2013   Gregory Olson, Michael Peshkin discuss entrepreneurship in first Farley Fellows lecture

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Northwestern Faculty Discuss Startups in Farley Fellows Lecture Series

October 16, 2013   J. Edward Colgate and David Mahvi to discuss entrepreneurship in October 29 lecture

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InNUvation rebrands, seeks to bring EPIC to wider population

October 14, 2013   Student group EPIC, formerly known as InNUvation, aims to help Northwestern students apply entrepreneurial principles to their own lives.

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Patrick Awuah on the Road to Sustainability in Social Entrepreneurship

October 10, 2013   The Farley Center welcomed Patrick Awuah, the founder and president of Ashesi University in Ghana, to campus Wednesday for a talk on the road to establishing his social entrepreneurship venture in higher education.

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Bill Pulte: From Home Builder to Detroit's Unlikely Blight Buster

October 9, 2013   Bill Pulte was one of the first students to take the Principles of Entrepreneurship course and is now Detroit’s unlikely blight buster as the founder of Pulte Homes.

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Northwestern Formula Racing Gets Boost from the Farley Center

October 3, 2013   The Farley Center donated $5,000 for new workstations that will improve the design process for Northwestern Formula Racing's latest car.

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Northwestern Faculty Discuss Startups in Farley Fellows Lecture Series

October 2, 2013   J. Edward Colgate, David Mahvi, Chad Mirkin, Milan Mrksich, Gregory Olson, and Michael Peshkin will share entrepreneurship advice in Farley Fellows Seminar Series

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Company Makes "WSJ Startup of the Year" Final Five

September 30, 2013   Young alumni-led medical startup still a contender in online competition

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A Perfect Day of 'Engaged' Learning

September 28, 2013   The Farley Center's associate director Mark Werwath and Farley student groups EPIC and LEND led one of One Book One Northwestern's tracks on NU's First Season.

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Chad Mirkin Named A "Nobel-Class" Citation Laureate

September 25, 2013   Nanoscience pioneer recognized for his contributions to DNA nanotechnology

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Verinder Syal Makes the Honor Roll

September 20, 2013   Farley faculty member Verinder Syal makes the ASG Faculty & Administrator Honor Roll 2012-2013.

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SwipeSense Vies for WSJ Startup of the Year

September 10, 2013   SwipeSense co-founders Mert Iseri and Yuri Malina are on a journey to become The Wall Street Journal's Startup of the Year. Follow along.

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SiNode Rings a Bell

August 26, 2013   Made up of Kellogg and McCormick graduates, SiNode Systems caps off a lucrative summer by ringing NASDAQ’s closing bell

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SiNode Systems Rings the Closing Bell at NASDAQ

August 23, 2013   NUvention Energy alums from SiNode Systems and Brad Burke, the managing director of the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, ring the closing bell at NASDAQ.

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New Service RezEssentials Aims to Curb Move-In Day Headaches

August 22, 2013   RezEssentials, a new service from Northwestern Student Holdings, sets out to ease move-in day challenges for incoming students.

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NUvention: Web Alums Score Big at DreamIt NYC’s Demo Day

August 9, 2013   Alumni Jonathan Friedman and Daniel Daks earn high marks for their company TradeUp, which attempts to connect online courses with real jobs.

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DreamMakers Innovating for Good

August 7, 2013   Huffington Post blogger Michele Hunt spotlights Sinode Systems in her piece on "young DreamMakers ... emerging in record numbers around the world."

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News for Success, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013   Catch up on your startup news with these four reads from around the Web. Investment habits of angel investors, the 20 fastest-growing mobile startups, and more revealed.

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Universities Drive Innovation As Business Incubators

July 31, 2013   Northwestern and other universities across the U.S. "are learning to extract the genius from their labs and classrooms and translate it into viable commercial products and businesses," writes Forbes contributor Natalie Burg.

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NUvention Web Student Startups: Where Are They Now?

July 25, 2013   Built In Chicago blogger Carlin Sacks caught up with these five NUvention teams that are continuing to work on their startups beyond the 2013 school year.

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3 Lessons from the Lemonade Stand

July 22, 2013   With the summer heat in full swing, you may run into a few young entrepreneurs with a staple product to sip and cool down. Farley program manager Betsy Gill connects new business ventures to the age-old lemonade stand.

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News for Success, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013   Searching for online business tips? Wondering which collaboration apps really work? Check out our latest roundup of news and advice to help you start off and stay on the right track in your startup venture. Plus, getan invaluable history lesson on startups from "The Startup Universe."

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News for Success

July 10, 2013   We've got a roundup of news, infographics and advice to help you start off or stay on the right track for your business idea. Learn six ways successful people get out of their comfort zone, why you haven't been able to find a developer to take on your project, and more.

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The Second Annual Moxie Awards

June 21, 2013   Entrepreneurs need a level of ambition and perseverance that outshines the norm to climb to success. They gotta have moxie. The Second Annual Moxie Awards, hosted by Built In Chicago, celebrated digital startup leaders whose force of will and spirited drive propelled them to the top of the city's current startup scene.

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The Second Annual Moxie Awards

June 21, 2013   The Second Annual Moxie Awards, hosted by Built In Chicago, celebrated digital startup leaders whose force of will and spirited drive propelled them to the top of the city's current startup scene. Find out what ties the competition has to Northwestern.

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Northwestern Clean Energy Startup Does It Again

June 17, 2013   Northwestern University’s SiNode Systems, a clean-tech startup that develops lithium-ion battery anodes that significantly increase energy capacity and charging speed, has won the second annual U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition.

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NUvention Web Students Launch Software-Based Startups

June 17, 2013   For Northwestern students, June brings exams, final papers, and gearing up for summer. For students in Northwestern’s NUvention: Web course, June brings the launch of a company.

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Farley Fellow Greg Olson Featured in Crain's

June 17, 2013   When Gregory Olson bought a $60,000 final edition red Lotus Elise SC, it wasn't merely a post-retirement-age man trying to recapture his youth. The 66-year-old entrepreneur and Northwestern University professor of materials science and engineering was celebrating the sale late last year of the technology developed by QuesTek Innovations LLC, a new-materials design company he co-founded in 1996.

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Northwestern Nanotech Startup NuMat Lands $2 Million

June 13, 2013   NuMat, a materials technology company "changing the way the world stores, separates, and transports gases," raised $2 million in seed funding, primarily from investors in Texas and California.

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Students Recognized in the Dow Sustainability Innovation Challenge

June 6, 2013   Challenge recognizes exceptional student research

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Hundreds Attend Third Annual Northwestern Entrepreneurship Conference

May 13, 2013   Kremen (McCormick ’85) delivered a keynote address at the May 8 event, the third annual entrepreneurship conference hosted by Northwestern’s Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The event featured insightful talks from successful entrepreneurs, panels on topics related to starting a business, and one-on-one advice for budding entrepreneurs.

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Northwestern Teams Win More Than $1 Million in Rice Business Plan Competition

April 15, 2013   SiNode and BriteSeed, teams founded in Northwestern's NUvention courses, win more than $1 million combined in cash and investments. It is the second straight year that Northwestern teams have won the competition.

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Match.com Founder Gary Kremen to Headline Entrepreneurship Conference

April 11, 2013   Entrepreneur@NU, Northwestern University’s third annual entrepreneurship conference, will bring together hundreds of business leaders and budding entrepreneurs on Wednesday, May 8. Two notable Northwestern alumni, Match.com founder Gary Kremen and Adaptly co-founder Nikhil Sethi, will give keynote speeches. This year’s conference will focus on the theme, “Pivot to Success.”

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Northwestern Students Design Penguin Booties

March 29, 2013   At the McCormick School of Engineering’s Segal Design Institute, students often work to solve problems they’ve never considered for people who need them most. But when the projects involve clients at one of Chicago’s most revered institutions, the challenges go beyond the realm of humans.

Farley Center News

In Memorium: James Farley

August 23, 2012   James Farley (’50), an electrical engineering alumnus who turned a small manufacturing company into an international corporation and in retirement used his earnings to better the lives of McCormick students, died August 22 at age 84.

Farley Center News

In Memoriam: James Farley, Successful Businessman and Generous Donor

August 23, 2012   James Farley, an electrical engineering alumnus who turned a small manufacturing company into an international corporation, then spent his retirement using his earnings to better the lives of McCormick students, passed away Wednesday, Aug. 22. He was 84.

Farley Center News

From MIT to Stanford, college classes where a startup is the final exam

July 21, 2012   College campuses are becoming incubators for startups, offering encouragement in the form of classes to nurture young dreamers.

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Northwestern Medical Start-Up Wins 2012 TechWeek Launch Competition

June 27, 2012   BriteSeed, a start-up developed by students in Northwestern University’s NUvention: Medical Innovation course, won first place in the 2012 TechWeek Launch competition, walking away with more than $100,000 in cash and prizes.

Farley Center News

NUvention: Medical Innovation Provides Framework for Entrepreneurs

June 14, 2012   Reducing the amount of x-rays and time in the operating room: that was the goal of Christopher Walsh, MD ’10, and his group during their NUvention: Medical Innovation class.

Farley Center News

The Great Intersection™: Creating Leaders

April 23, 2012   At McCormick, we educate whole-brain™ leaders who thrive at the intersection of global challenges and the knowledge required to solve them.

Farley Center News

Entrepreneurship Course Spawns Three Companies

October 28, 2011   A popular entrepreneurship course at Northwestern University has spawned three promising companies in its first two years: the first personalized music magazine for the iPad, custom apps offering “sweet” deals from retailers and an easy method for buying ads across social media.

Farley Center News

Entrepreneurship Course Spawns Three Companies

October 28, 2011   A popular entrepreneurship course at Northwestern University has spawned three promising companies in its first two years: the first personalized music magazine for the iPad, custom apps offering “sweet” deals from retailers and an easy method for buying ads across social media.

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NUvention:Web Students Create New App for Downtown Evanston

June 22, 2011   SweetPerk, a new smartphone shopping application available on Android and iPhone platforms, helps residents and visitors discover great perks at more than 75 participating downtown Evanston businesses. The product of a partnership between students in Northwestern’s NUvention: Web course and the business association Downtown Evanston, the app also provides a downtown business listing complete with maps, store and restaurant information, and phone numbers.

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Best Courses 2011: NUvention

April 23, 2011   NUvention is featured as a best course in Inc. Magazine in 2011.

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NUvention Classes Featured as Best New Courses in Inc. Magazine

April 6, 2011   The NUvention courses, where students from across Northwestern work together in teams to form businesses, were featured as the best new courses of 2011 in the April issue of Inc. magazine, a monthly magazine for people who run growing companies.

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The Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation - McCormick Magazine

March 31, 2011   McCormick launched the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2007 with the goal of taking ideas in engineering and turn­ing them into successful businesses. The need at Northwestern was clear: the few entrepreneur­ship courses offered at the time were continually oversubscribed ...

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NUvention: Medical Innovation

February 1, 2011   A unique two-quarter course, NUvention: Medical Innovation joins graduate students from Northwestern University's Chicago and Evanston campuses to collaborate on the creation of new medical technologies. The interdisciplinary program breaks students into ...

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Farley Center for Entrepreneurship Mentioned in Businessweek Article

October 22, 2010   Michael Marasco, director of the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the McCormick School of Engineering, was recently quoted in a Businessweek article titled, “Startup Fever: College Students Have It Bad.”

Farley Center News

Medical Innovation Among Shows on Big Ten Network

November 4, 2009   Northwestern programming on the Big Ten Network is highlighted in November by a program on the making of the 2009 Waa-Mu Show, "One for the Books." Go behind the scenes ...

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Growing Businesses

October 23, 2008   Entrepreneurship — the spark of an idea, the excitement of innovation, the labor of love, the satisfaction of accomplishment — is central to any society, any future. At McCormick, where ideas and innovation abound but often need a little push, entrepreneurship recently got a big boost when Jim and Nancy Farley offered a significant donation to endow the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

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Medical Innovators

September 1, 2008   Modern medicine relies on technological innovation, and one cross-disciplinary class of Northwestern students is addressing the challenge of discovering and developing new medical devices.

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The Medical Engineer: Marc Lim

July 1, 2008   When Marc Lim first came to Northwestern, he found the Hispanic and Latino community in the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science to be welcoming and familial but also limited in size.

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From Students to Innovators

April 23, 2008   NUvention: Medical Innovation is the inaugural course offered by a new visionary academic partnership. The course, conceived by students and brought to life by motivated faculty, brings together four Northwestern University schools — McCormick, the Feinberg School of Medicine, the Kellogg School of Management, and the School of Law — to teach students how innovation goes from the lab to the patient.

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For James Farley, the world is his office

August 23, 2005   Retired as chair and chief executive officer of the multinational corporation SpeedFam-IPEC, James N. Farley still travels around the world. His global perspective helped his company grow from a small U.S. firm in Des Plaines, Illinois, selling lapping and polishing machines, to a manufacturer of equipment for the semiconductor industry with outposts throughout Europe and Asia.

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