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NUvention: Medical

NUvention: Medical (ENTREP 470, BMD_ENG 495, HCAK 615/6, PPTYTORT 641, INTERDEP 4017) is an interdisciplinary experiential learning program designed to expose students to the entire innovation and entrepreneurial life cycle of new medical technologies. Medical innovations evolve from basic clinical needs, and NUvention is designed to simulate how they become businesses in the real world.

Our primary goal is to walk through the steps associated with bringing a medical innovation to the patient. In a very compressed period of six months, students work through a number of product, intellectual property, regulatory and business development steps as an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial team.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for the 2020-2021 Feinberg cohort are available here.

McCormick students should apply by completing this application. The priority application deadline for McCormick students was August 9th, but we will continue to review new applications through August 24th or until all seats are filled. 

NUvention: Medical is a collaboration among the following schools:

Quarter Time Location

Fall/Winter 2020-2021

Fall: 9/23-12/6, Wednesdays 6-9pm 

Winter: 1/6-3/13, Wednesdays 6-9pm

Fall: Remote/Online

Winter: Chicago and Evanston Campuses, MATTER, Insight


Past Projects


Hubly is a company focused on modernizing the bedside procedure. Targeting neurosurgeons, Hubly's first product is an integrated electric drill solution that streamlines bedside intracranial access, decreases operating room reliance, and enables treatment options for emerging indications.


Mobibud is the first system that accurately tracks patient ambulation in the hospital and provides clinically validated, data-driven mobility goals for patients and providers. By creating care plans that patients and front-line care staff can work towards, MobiBud is accelerating recovery, reducing adverse events, and driving down unnecessary costs.

Jabiru Medical

Jabiru Medical provides real-time biometric feedback for new moms to facilitate expedited labor and avoid undesirable, costly surgical interventions. Our technology measures and quantifies voluntary and involuntary contractions to help mothers create the “perfect push.”


GeneConnect is building a network of skilled CGCs who are ready to counsel patients from afar, at any time, using our proprietary video-based telemedicine platform, specifically designed with genetic counseling needs in mind. Working hand-in-hand with physicians on the ground, our counselors will be valued members of patient care teams across the United States.


OxyGenie is an automated Oxygen weaning device that enables hospitals to save over $1.5 million annually by increasing patient throughput. The device is expected to reduce Heart Failure and Pneumonia patient length of stay by up to 20% and improve the efficiency of Emergency Dept operations, freeing beds for new patients and saving time for busy nurses and physicians. The system integrates with existing Oxygen equipment in hospitals, making the device a low investment opportunity to increase revenue dramatically.

Advisory Board

Members of the NUvention: Medical Advisory Board are executives of corporations and investment firms for emerging technologies.

Bob Shaw, Chairman, BSME ’70, MMGT ‘81, Retired President, Milex Products, Inc.

Andy Campbell, Vice President, Research and Development Heart Valve Technology, Edwards Lifesciences

Evan Norton, Managing Director, Abbott Ventures Investments

Ed Voboril, Founding Chairman Emeritus, Former CEO, President, Chairman at Greatbatch, Inc.

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