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NUvention Courses
NUvention: Web and Media

NUvention: Web and Media (ENTREP 473) is a two-quarter capstone course in which students work across disciplines and Northwestern schools to design, plan, and run web-based businesses. Project areas include iPad/Tablet App, Mobile Applications, New Media, Social Gaming, Twitter or Facebook Apps, eCommerce/Deals, Analytics, Cloud, Big Data or ideas from students in the program.

Teams are able to continue to work on their projects after the completion of the course. Past NUvention: Web and Media teams have gone on to make TechCrunch, PCMag, Rolling Stone and GigaOM headlines and join incubators, while others are bootstrapping and building their businesses to this day.

Quarter Time Location
Not offered for 2021-22 academic year   TBD

Remote Instruction via Zoom

Past Projects

Since NUvention: Web and Media (formerly NUvention: Web) began in Winter 2010, students have brought business ideas to life involving social-network advertising, photo-sharing, professional career tracking software and much more.


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