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NUvention Courses
NUvention: Web + Media

Applications for Winter/Spring 2021 NUvention: Web + Media are available here

NUvention: Web + Media (ENTREP 473) is a two-quarter capstone course in which students work across disciplines and Northwestern schools to design, plan, and run web-based businesses. Project areas include iPad/Tablet App, Mobile Applications, New Media, Social Gaming, Twitter or Facebook Apps, eCommerce/Deals, Analytics, Cloud, Big Data or ideas from students in the program.

Teams are able to continue to work on their projects after the completion of the course. Past NUvention: Web + Media teams have gone on to make TechCrunch, PCMag, Rolling Stone and GigaOM headlines and join incubators, while others are bootstrapping and building their businesses to this day.

Quarter Time Location
Winter/Spring 2021 Tuesdays,
1:30-4:30 p.m.
Remote Instruction via Zoom

Past Projects

Since NUvention: Web + Media (formerly NUvention: Web) began in Winter 2010, students have brought business ideas to life involving social-network advertising, photo-sharing, professional career tracking software and much more.

Advisory Board

Rich Padula, Co-Chair, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President, Syclo LLC

Todd Warren, Co-Chair, Managing Director, Divergent Partners

Elisa All, Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer, 30Second Mobile 

Adarsh J. Arora, PHD ’78 (Computer Science), Founder, CEO & President, Lisle Technology Partners

David Beazley, Managing Partner, Synergy: Capital, Advisory, Development, Chicago, IL

Jeffrey Beir, Managing Partner, seed2A

Viresh Bhatia, Founder, InstallShield

Bill Bliss, Partner Architect/Strategist & Partner Group Program Manager, Microsoft

Vlada Bortnik, Founder, COO at Joya Communications Inc.

Julian Cheng, Founder & Managing Partner, Gen 1 Capital

Bracken P. Darrell, CEO, Logitech

Scott Gerlach, Senior Director of Product Management, GoDaddy

Grant Gochnauer, Co-Founder & VP of Products, Vodori

Gabe Greenbaum, Venture Capitalist, Pritzker Group Venture Capital

Suneel Gupta, Head of Mobile Business, One Medical Group 

P.J. Hasleton, Vice President of Information Technology at Andreessen Horowitz

Timothy K. Krauskopf, CEO, Arrington Performance Industries, Principal, Round Lake Designs, LLC

Tom LaMantia, Managing Director, Magenium Solutions, LLC

Bret Maxwell, Managing General Partner, MK Capital

Kristin McDonnell, COO, Rednote

Jon McNeill, President of Global Sales and Services, Tesla Motors

Dinesh Moorjani, Founder & CEO, Hatch Labs, Co-founder, Tinder

David Nguyen, Chief Technology Officer, Shmoop

Steve Olechowski, Founder of Blinkfire Analytics, Inc.

Hema Padhu, Founder, Padhu Consulting

Bill Pescatello, Partner, Lightbank Ventures

Bob Plaschke, President and CEO, Sonim Technologies, Inc.

Alexis Prousis, Customer Success Manager at Blinkfire Analytics, Inc.

Kathy Seegebrecht, Chief Marketing Officer at UL

Jeremiah Seraphine, Co-Founder at Get Loud Now

Nikhil Sethi, Co-Founder and CEO, Adaptly

Rob Shurtleff, Managing Director, Divergent Ventures

Bob Slivka, Trustee, Wissner-Slivka Foundation

Mary Lou Song, BSJ '91, MACEO, FuelX

Tim Stojka, CEO, Agentis Energy, Chicago, IL, Chairman, Fast Heat, Inc., Elmhurst, IL

Steve Subar, Interim CEO, Ubicquia

Jessica Tan, Junior Associate at 500 Startups

Jordan Timmerman, Software Developer at Deep Dish, LLC

Doug VanderMolen, Chief of Design and User Experience, Tanium

Hon Wong, CEO, Symphoniq

Harold A. Zeitz, President & COO, Wave Broadband

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