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NUvention: Medical

No Applications Required 2019-2020 NUvention: Medical (ENTREP 470, BMD_ENG 495, HCAK 615/6, PPTYTORT 641, INTERDEP 4017) is an interdisciplinary experiential learning program designed to expose students to the entire innovation and entrepreneurial life cycle of new medical technologies. Medical innovations evolve from basic clinical needs, and NUvention is designed to simulate how they become businesses in the real world.

Our primary goal is to walk through the steps associated with bringing a medical innovation to the patient. In a very compressed period of six months, students work through a number of product, intellectual property, regulatory and business development steps as an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial team.

NUvention: Medical is a collaboration among the following schools:

Quarter Time Location
Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Fall/Winter: Wednesdays, 6-9 PM  Fall Quarter: PRITZKER SCHOOL OF LAW, 375 East Chicago Ave., Room 175; Winter Quarter: TBD Evanston Campus 

This course is instructed by faculty lead Pete McNerney, a McCormick Faculty Fellow and Founder/Senior Adviser at Thomas, McNerney & Partners, a health care venture firm. This is a two-quarter course, offered in the fall and winter.


See the DRAFT syllabus for NUvention: Medical (ENTREP 470)

Course History

Get the full story on the origins of NUvention: Medical, the first NUvention course created. Plus, check out the Big Ten Network's video profile on the course.

Past Projects

Explore past projects seeded in NUvention: Medical.

Success Stories

Ideas explored in NUvention: Medical have become burgeoning startups. Take a look at some of the businesses still in operation today.

Advisory Board

Members of the NUvention: Medical Advisory Board are executives of corporations and investment firms for emerging technologies. Read their bios.


See faculty for NUvention: Medical

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