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NUvention: Projects
2013 NUvention: Energy Projects

Clean Tech Connect

A web platform to connect investors in places not suited for renewable resources, to connect potential producers of renewable energy in feasible areas, and to connect contractors who can perform the technical tasks.

Watch Clean Tech Connect's final presentation.

E-Waste Management

Development of efficient and economically viable comprehensive recycling business model for developing countries, specifically India.

Watch E-Waste Managment's final presentation.

Green Light

Create a multi-dimensional platform to enable utility companies and business/individuals to reduce residential or commercial electricity consumption. Offer “smart” outlet devices that turn off devices which are in standby mode and create an online energy use visualization tool/app with tips for saving.

Watch Green Light's final presentation.


A running companion that clips to your hip and harnesses your kinetic energy to renewably recharge your mobile devices. Generated energy can be used for charging batteries and electronics as well as powering GPS transmitters.

Watch myPower's final presentation.


Provide low-carbon, high-density, high-output rooftop urban agriculture products and services with continued consulting and maintenance. The business will make rooftop urban agriculture easy and affordable for clients. NU-Ag looks to create a culture of local, urban, sustainable produce to improve the health and well being of community and the environment.

Watch NU-Ag's final presentation.


Affordable solar solutions for residences in India by creating a multi-dimensional platform to enable utility companies and businesses/individuals to reduce residential or commercial electricity consumption.

Watch Solartown's final presentation.

RoundTrip Fuel Cell

By "smoothing out" intermittent energy sources, microgrid-level energy storage can help bring electricity to the 1.4 billion people around the world that don't have it. However, current energy storage solutions pose a number of problems, including site specificity, environmental hazardousness, and poor scalability. The RoundTrip Fuel Cell is a cost-competitive, self-contained energy storage solution that addresses these issues.

Watch Roundtrip's final presentation.

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